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Peacock Catherine Head W. 73 Old Manor Living on own Means St.Pancras, London
Peacock Anthony son S 43 Old Manor Ryde, I of W
Pearce Arnold Head W 72 Abbotsleigh Cottage Living on own Means London
Peters Kate Head M 46 Walton Aldersgate,London
Peters Gordon Son S 14 Walton Finsbury Park
Peters Cicely Daughter 13 Walton At sea,S.S. Clan Mackenzie
Peters Mary Daughter 8 Walton Finsbury Park
Peters Alice Daughter 6 Walton Stoke Newington
Phillips Ellen Head S 79 Belle View Living on own Means Wootton Bassett
Phillips Louisa Sister S 74 Belle View Living on own Means Newport
Poole Laura Lodger S 58 Sharpstone Living on own Means Nassau, Bahamas
Pope Ellen Boarder S 21 Park Corner Laundress Minehead
Porter Anne Servant S 19 Vine Cottage House Maid Corsham
Puxley Herbert Head M 32 Hayes Cop Farmer Ireland
Puxley Kate Wife M 28 Hayes Cop Cockermouth
Ramsbottom Dorothy G.Daughter S 20 Abbotsleigh Cottage Clifton.Bristol
Ramsbottom Katherine G.Daughter 15 Abbotsleigh Cottage India
Read Edward head M 37 New Inn Farmer, Licensed Victualer Freshford
Read Emma Wife M 37 New Inn Freshford
Read Albert Son 14 New Inn Freshford
Read William Son 11 New Inn Freshford
Read Edith Daughter 6 New Inn Freshford
Read Henry Head M 40 Park Corner Agricultural Labourer on Farm Freshford
Read Louisa Wife M 42 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Read Ellen Daughter 8 Park Corner Freshford
Read Arthur Head M 30 Mount Pleasant Carrier-general county Freshford
Read Emily Wife M 25 Mount Pleasant Laundress Freshford
Read James Head M 63 Mount Pleasant Carrier-general Freshford
Read Elizabeth Wife M 69 Mount Pleasant Freshford
Reay Martin Boarder S 16 Inglenook Tailor`s Apprentice Carlisle
Robinson Raymond S 17 Freshford Manor Page Kidderminster
Rock Henry Head M 78 Station Road Gardener-Domestic Freshford
Rock Sarah Wife M 72 Station Road Freshford
Rock Caroline Daughter S 37 Station Road Domestic Maid Freshford
Rock Sarah Daughter S 34 Station Road General Servant Freshford
Rock Sidney Son S 30 Station Road Carriage Proprieter Freshford
Rock Reginald Son S 26 Station Road Carriage Proprieter Freshford
Rose Elizabeth Grand-daughter 12 Church Hill Huntsdown
Rose Anne Servant S 15 The Old house Kitchen Maid Iford
Rose James Head M 60 Folly Farm Farmer Freshford
Rose E.A. Wife M 57 Folly Farm Portsmouth
Rose Nelson Head M 36 Park Corner Gardener, not domestic Freshford
Rose Eliza Wife M 41 Park Corner Midsomer Norton
Rose Henry Son 13 Park Corner Freshford
Rose Edith Daughter 12 Park Corner Freshford
Rose Joseph Head W 66 Sharpstone Laborer on Road Freshford
Rose Christopher Son S 20 Sharpstone Stone Quarry Man-under ground Freshford
Rose Lucy Servant S 15 Abbotsleigh Kitchen Maid Westwood
Rose James Head M 67 Sharpstone Labourer-General Freshford
Rose Maria Wife M 69 Sharpstone Laundress Freshford
Rose Mary Daughter S 37 Sharpstone Laundress Freshford
Rose Alice Servant S 21 Sharpstone Laundress Freshford
Rus? Jane Head W 62 House Devizes
Russell Fanny Servant S 17 Wood View Cook Freshford
Russell Maggie Visitor S 28 House Cook, House Keeper Gloucester
Saddler Charles Head M 43 Freshford Mill Factory Foreman-Shoddy Bradford,Wilts
Saddler Matilda Wife M 40 Freshford Mill Trowbridge
Saddler Frederick Son S 18 Freshford Mill Packer-Shoddy Mill Bradford,Wilts
Saunders Julia Niece S 18 West View Ryde, I of W.
Saville Margaret Head W 84 Ivythorpe Living on Independent Means Durham
Sharp Frederick Head M 40 Pipehouse General Labouer Bradford,Wilts
Sharp Jane Wife M 40 Pipehouse Laundress Hinton Charterhouse
Sharp Ellen Daughter S 15 Pipehouse Laundress Hinton Charterhouse
Sharp Albert Son 11 Pipehouse Hinton Charterhouse
Sharp Victor Son 8 Pipehouse Hinton Charterhouse
Sharp Florence Daughter 5 Pipehouse Freshford
Sharp Edith Niece 13 Park Corner Freshford
Shrine Matilda Head W 61 Staples Hill Pension-Bengal Stroud
Sims Herbert Boarder 13 House Weston Super Mare
Sinell Ellen Head S 27 School House Head Mistress-School Worsley
Smith Charlie Head M 49 Freshford Street Labourer Freshford
Smith Emma Wife M 47 Freshford Street Laundress Twerton
Smith Ellen Daughter S 24 Freshford Street Laundress Freshford
Smith George Son S 21 Freshford Street Agricultural Labourer on Farm Freshford
Smith Lama Daughter S 15 Freshford Street Freshford
Smith Clarence Son S 7 Freshford Street Freshford
Smith Eli Head M 57 Pipehouse Free Stone Quarry Man, below ground Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Jane Wife M 56 Pipehouse Laundress Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Frank Son S 22 Pipehouse Free Stone Quarry-surface- Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Herbert Son S 20 Pipehouse Machine under Ruston Hill? Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Ada Daughter S 16 Pipehouse Laundress Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Anne Daughter S 14 Pipehouse General Help-Domestic Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Edward Head M 32 Park Corner Quarry Man- under Ground Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Anna Wife M 31 Park Corner Priston
Smith Edward Son 8 Park Corner Freshford
Smith Stanley Son 6 Park Corner Freshford
Smith Elsie Daughter 3 Park Corner Freshford
Smith John Head M 36 Park Corner Quarry man Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Mary Wife M 32 Park Corner Laundress Priston
Smith Edward Head M 45 Park Corner Carrier and General Haulier Freshford
Smith Caroline Wife M 53 Park Corner Laundress Barton St David
Smith Alice Daughter S 22 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Smith Gertrude Daughter S 17 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Smith Frederick Grandson S 13 Pipe House Sutton on Hull
Smith John Head M 43 Pipehouse Bath Stone Quarry Man-below ground. Freshford
Smith Phoebe Wife M 43 Pipe House Laundress Calne
Smith Edith Daughter S 17 Pipe House Laundress Freshford
Smith Florence Daughter 13 Pipe House Freshford
Smith William Son 10 Pipe House Freshford
Smith Laura Daughter 9 Pipe House Freshford
Smith Frederick Son 6 Pipe House Freshford
Smith Alice Daughter 3 Pipe House Freshford
Smith Mabel Niece 14 Park Corner Grocer-Assistant Hinton Charterhouse
Smith Harriet Head W 54 Mount Pleasant Laundress Freshford
Smith Emma Daughter S 22 Mount Pleasant Laundress Freshford
Smith Edward Head M 76 Sharpstone House Living on own Means Freshford
Smith Sarah Wife M 54 Sharpstone House Bucks.
Spencer Daisy Servant S 16 Abbotsleigh Housemaid-Domestic Devizes
Srop..? Rosamund G.Daughter 6 Abbotsleigh Cottage India
Srop..? Winifred G.Daughter 2 Abbotsleigh Cottage India
Stillwell Alice Servant S 22 Woodside House Maid Dorking
Stringer Mary Servant 25 Pipards House Maid Stuckley, Wilts.
Sumners Mabel S 14 Old Manor Servant Muirhill
Sweet William Head M 27 Ashes Lane Police Constable Crewkerne
Sweet Mary Wife M 27 Ashes Lane Merriott
Sweet Emily Daughter 7 Ashes Lane Crewkerne
Sweet Reginald Son 3 Ashes Lane Freshford