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Maggs Alice Niece W 32 Sharpstone Cottage Nurse-Domestic Bath
Major Edgar Head M 58 High View Lieutant Colonel-Retired Paddington
Major Emily Wife M 56 High View Clerkenwell
Major Albert Son S 34 High View Home from Canadian Farm Paddington
Major Edith Daughter S 32 High View Paddington
Major Maud Daughter S 29 High View Hammersmith
Male James Head M 28 Church Hill Blacksmith/Life Insurance Agent. Portsmouth
Male Mary Wife M 28 Church Hill Freshford
Malone? Albert Cousin S 19 Church Hill Manager-India Rubber Factory Limpley Stoke
Mannings Emily Head W 64 Park Corner Living on own Means Hinton Charterhouse
Mannings Ellen Daughter S 20 Park Corner Leamington
Marchant James R. Head W 54 House Carriage Builders & Blacksmith Freshford
Marchant Caroline Mother W 80 House Muirhill
Marchant Alice Daughter S 26 House House Keeper Freshford
Marchant Ernest Son S 23 House Blacksmith Freshford
Marchant Charles Head M 40 Hill Side Accountant-Gas Company Bath
Marchant Florence Wife M 35 Hill Side Almondsbury
Marchant Enid Daughter 10 Hill Side Freshford
Millard George Head M 49 Sunny Side Farmer Limpley Stoke
Millard Clara Wife M 39 Sunny Side Bath
Millard Graham Son S 20 Sunny Side Farmers Son Limpley Stoke
Millard Percy Son S 18 Sunny Side Farmers Son Limpley Stoke
Millard Howard Son S 9 Sunny Side Freshford
Millard Sidney Head M 43 Ashes Lane Stone Mason Limpley Stoke
Millard June Wife M 44 Ashes Lane Hinton Charterhouse
Millard Amy Niece S 15 Ashes Lane Freshford
Millett Peter Head W 57 Park Corner Carpenter Norton St Phillips
Millett Frank Son S 23 Park Corner General Labourer Hinton Charterhouse
Millett Ellen Daughter S 21 Park Corner General Domestic Servant Hinton Charterhouse
Millett Frederick Son S 19 Park Corner Stone Cutter-Bath Stone Freshford
Mines Henry Boarder S 21 Park Corner Stone Quarry Man with Farm Malmesbury
Mitchell Anne Servant W 54 Vine Cottage Cook Wells
Morris James Head M 62 High Street Sub Post Master/Grocer/Shop Keeper/Organist Christian Malford
Morris Eliza Wife M 57 High Street Freshford
Morris Mary Daughter S 29 High Street Freshford
Morris Thomas Son S 24 High Street Baker & Grocer Freshford
Morris William Son S 20 High Street Postal Clerk Freshford
Morris Elizabeth Sister W 62 The Old house Living on own Means Market Brunton,Shrops
Mozer Lucy Servant S 19 Gowan House General Servant Box
Mundy Henry Head M 22 Park Corner Stone Quarry Man with Farm Freshford
Mundy Alice Wife M 24 Park Corner Freshford
Mundy Frederick Nephew S 18 Park Corner Shoddy Mill Laborer Freshford
Mundy Laura Niece S 13 Mount Pleasant Freshford
Mundy Gladys Niece 9 Mount Pleasant Freshford
Nash James Head M 47 Freshford Street Gardener-Domestic Freshford
Nash Matilda Wife M 44 Freshford Street Oxford
Nash Ethel Daughter S 11 Freshford Street Wick
Nash Percy Son S 7 Freshford Street Freshford
Nash Selina Daughter S 4 Freshford Street Freshford
Nash Matilda Daughter S 2 Freshford Street Freshford
Nash Florence Head S 26 Rose Lawn District Nurse
Nash Beatrice Servant 13 Sharpstone Maid Servant Freshford
Newman John Head M 75 Sharpstone Jobbing Freshford
Newman Mary Wife M 70 Sharpstone Bradford,Wilts
Nicholson William Cousin S 14 Park Corner Agricultural Labourer on Farm Barton St David
Northover James S 60 Park corner in a Shed Agricultural Labourer on Farm Hinton, Somt.
Organ Sarah S 20 The Grove House Maid Limpley Stoke
Orpwood Sarah Visitor M 26 The Coffee Room Gloucester