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Gee Sarah Head W 80 Woodside Living on own Means Farnham
Gee Lucy Step Dau. S 60 Woodside Freshford
Gee Wilda Daughter S 38 Woodside Freshford
Gerrish Edward Head M 45 Pipehouse Bath Stone Quarry Man-below ground. Hinton Charterhouse
Gerrish Elizabeth Wife M 44 Pipehouse Westwood
Gerrish John Son S 17 Pipehouse Under Freestone Quarry Freshford
Gerrish James Son 15 Pipehouse Under Freestone Quarry Freshford
Gerrish Harry Son 13 Pipehouse Errand Boy Freshford
Gerrish Selena Daughter 8 Pipehouse Freshford
Gerrish Clara Daughter 5 Pipehouse Freshford
Gerrish Elsie Daughter 2 Pipehouse Freshford
Gibbs lilian S 24 Freshford Manor House Maid Hindon Whitchurch
Goodall Emily Head S 37 Sharpstone Living on own Means London
Gould Frederick Head M 39 Rosemary Lane Journey Man/ Bread Baker Freshford
Gould Elizabeth Wife M 39 Rosemary Lane Laundress Freshford
Gould Edith Daughter 11 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Gould Florence Daughter 8 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Gould Alice Daughter 6 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Gould Ethel Daughter 4 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Gould Frederick Son 8 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Greenland Emma S 22 Grove Cottage Cook Rudge
Greenland Mabel Servant S 16 The Rectory General Servant Standerwick
Griffin Alfred Boarder S 32 House Post Man Chippenham
Had? George Servant S 17 Freshford Street Gardener-Domestic Westwood
Hanold Annie Servant 18 Rosemary Lane Domestic Servant Box
Harman Stewart Son 7 Dunkirk Mill Freshford
Harman Francis Son 2 Dunkirk Mill Freshford
Harman Henry Head M 43 Dunkirk Mill Matress Manufacturer-employer Trowbridge
Harman Clara Wife M 37 Dunkirk Mill Glos.
Harman Violet Daughter 5 Dunkirk Mill Bradford,Wilts
Harness Beatrice Visitor S 19 Pipe House ..Assistant Weston Super Mare
Hathaway Henry Head M 37 Inglenook Tailor Freshford
Hathaway Isabella Wife M 33 Inglenook Cardiff
Hathaway Alfred Son 7 Inglenook Combe Down
Hathaway Thomas Head M 45 Park Corner Carpenter Hinton Charterhouse
Hathaway Emma Wife M 47 Park Corner Freshford
Hathaway Elizabeth Daughter S 18 Park Corner Freshford
Hathaway Florence Daughter 14 Park Corner Freshford
Hathaway Annie Daughter 6 Park Corner Freshford
Head Ernest Boarder S 20 The Coffee Room Groom-domestic london
Higgins George Visitor S 16 Gowan House Cadet. School Ship"Conway" Oosacament,India
Hills? William Head W 73 House Gardener-retired Hinton Charterhouse
Hinne? Ellen Servant S 28 Ivythorpe Lady`s Companion Wincanton
Hirchin William Head M 50 Rosemary Lane Gardener-Domestic Hinton Charterhouse
Hirchin Harriet Wife M 50 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Hirchin Eliza Daughter S 19 Rosemary Lane Tailoress Freshford
Hirchin Albert Son 10 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Hobly Beatrice Servant 13 Abbotsleigh Cottage Housemaid-Domestic Warleigh
Holbourne Nora Niece S 19 Cemetery Lane Laundress Freshford
Holcombe William Head M 31 Park Corner Freestone Quarry Man Hinton Charterhouse
Holcombe Ellen Wife M 33 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Holcombe Emily 2 Park Corner Freshford
Holcombe Infant 1m. Park Corner Freshford
Holly Jesse Head M 32 Park Corner Gardener-Domestic Winsley
Holly Ellen Wife M 34 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Holly Clara Daughter 9 Park Corner Freshford
Honeywell Mary Head W 77 Vine Cottage Living on own Means Paulett
Honeywell Ruth Daughter S 48 Vine Cottage Living on own Means Abeston, Glos
Hooper Eliza Head W 73 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Horseman Helen S 23 Old Manor Servant London
Huch Agnes Servant S 26 Woodside Cook Road
Humphries Henry Head M 28 Park Corner Rural Postman+Market Gardener Freshford
Humphries Anne Wife M 27 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Humphries Percival Son 11 Park Corner Batheaston
Humphries Emily Daughter 1m. Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Simon Head M 39 Park Corner Stone Quarry Man-Under Ground Freshford
Humphries Anne Wife M 40 Park Corner Laundress Weston Super Mare
Humphries Ellen Daughter 11 Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Arthur Son 8 Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Herbert Son 6 Park Corner Freshford
Humphries George Son 4 Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Sidney Son 2 Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Agnes Daughter 6m. Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Edward Head M 43 Pipehouse Packer- Freshford
Humphries Amy Wife M 47 Pipehouse Laundress Bath
Humphries Edwin Son 13 Pipehouse Carriers Errand Boy Freshford
Humphries Lucy Daughter 8 Pipehouse Freshford
Humphries Alfred Son 4 Pipehouse Freshford
Humphries William Head M 56 Park Corner Gardener,Letting Hinton Charterhouse
Humphries Hannah Wife Park Corner Grocer- Shopkeeper Freshford
Humphries Edith 11 Park Corner Freshford
Humphries Gabey Head M 47 Mount Pleasant Licensed Victualler Bradford,Wilts
Humphries Betty Wife M 44 Mount Pleasant Trowbridge
Humphries Henrietta Daughter S 17 Mount Pleasant Drapers Assistant Freshford
Humphries Ben Son S !5 Mount Pleasant Grocers Assistant Freshford
Humphries Emily Daughter S 12 Mount Pleasant Freshford
Humphries Tom Son S 10 Mount Pleasant Freshford
Huntley Henry Head M 82 House Labourer-General Road
Huntley Eliza Wife M 61 House Maidstone
Huntley Sarah Servant S 27 Sharpstone Parlour Maid Freshford
Huth Percival Head M 49 Freshford Manor Living on Independent Means London
Huth Marian Wife M 48 Freshford Manor Donnington
Huth Frances Daughter S 24 Freshford Manor Kew
Huth Winifred Daughter S 23 Freshford Manor Kew
Ireland Ellise Servant S 20 The Old house House Maid Sherbourne, Dorset
Ireland Alice Servant S 18 Sharpstone Cottage Maid-Domestic Gillingham
James George Head M 48 Mount Pleasant Labourer on Farm Bishops Lydiard
James Elizabeth Wife M 52 Mount Pleasant Midsomer Norton
James Ida Daughter S 23 Mount Pleasant Dress Maker Bath
Jenkins William Head M 48 Freshford Street C…man on Farm Carff Mullen, Dorset
Jenkins Hannah Wife M 53 Freshford Street Preston, Lancs.
Jenkins Ellen Servant 15 Walton General Servant Coombe Down
King Alice head M 36 The Coffee Room Caretaker-Coffee House. Marksbury
Knox Robert Head S 31 Freshford Street General Practioner Lambeth
Langley Violet Boader 7 Church Hill Timsbury
Lansbury John Head M 56 Sharpstone Railway Station Master Eytherington
Lansbury Jane Wife M 48 Sharpstone Stow on the Wold
Lansbury Evelyn Daughter 10 Sharpstone Iford
Larkhill Emily Lodger W 49 Sharpstone Living on own Means Madras, India
Laucanise William Grandson 1 School House london
Lee John Head M 58 Park Corner Ordinary Agricultural Labourer on Farm Westbury
Lee Emily Wife M 63 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Lee Francis Son S 22 Park Corner Labourer-..Mill Freshford
Libericks Florence Servant S 20 High View General Domestic Servant Trowbridge
Lloyd Ellen Servant S 54 Sharpstone Cottage Cook-Domestic North Cheriton