A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

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Frederick Whatmore is shown as a railway Porter at Victoria Station. in 1901 with Frederick G Whatmore and John Richard Whatmore. Frederick was to die in 1902
In 1907 Elizabeth Whatmore married Arthur Hitchcock, a Gardener
The 1911 Census shows Eliza Hitchcock as the landlady of the Royal oak
1911 Census showing John Richard Whatmore living with Job Gould at Hooders Farm in Ryall
HITCHCOCK, Arthur Frederick Royal Oak Head Married M 35 1876 Jobbing Gardiner Dorset Moncton Wyld
HITCHCOCK, Eliza Royal Oak Wife married 4 years F 61 1850 Beer Retailer Licensed Victular Dorset Symondsbury
HITCHCOCK, Elizabeth Hillside Wife Married F 65 1846 Dorset Portland
HITCHCOCK, Thomas Hillside Head married 11 years M 71 1840 Builders Mason Dorset Asmonete
Eliza died in 1912, aged 62 and Arthur Hitchcock died in 1931 aged 56
Electoral Roll entry for 1922 showing John Richard Whatmore as Landlord of Royal Oak Inn with Arthur and Maria Hitchcock. Mary Ann Hazzard living in Peria
In 1923 The Hitchcocks have bought Peria from Mary Ann Hazard. The following year John Richard Elston Whatmore is living at Peria as well. James and Mabel Bridle are the new Landlords of The Royal Oak. Walter and Maria Hitchcock are living at Elm Side.
In 1933 Maria Hitchcock shown at Peria. But John Whatmore is joined by Lily and Francis.
In the Second World War Francis Harry serves in Forces and Lily remains at Peria
In 1949 Francis, Lily, John William and Winifred shown as living at Peria
In 1952 Edward George, Francis H, Lily and John William Whatmore shown as living at Peria