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The start of the Coach tour of the sites from the film at the Station in Bradford on Avon.
The Group outside the Parsonage, where a number of scenes were shot of the film.
The Coach at a stop off by the Brassknocker Basin in Limpley Stoke.
The Lion on the line in Limpley Stoke in 1952
This is a photograph of Limpley Stoke Mill which was used each day to see the filming in an improvised cinema.
Stanley Holloway can be seen in the distance walking down Church Hill in Freshford with the Manor Walls on the left
Stanley Holloway in a scene shot in the Garden of the Parsonage in Freshford
Church Hill during the filming of Titfield Thunderbolt. The Parsonage is on the left.
The Lion during filming in Limpley June 1952
Church Hill during the filming of Titfield Thunderbolt, Mrs Bees old cottage is on the right.
The platform at Monkton Combe used to film Titfield Thunderbolt