Charmouth Lodge (formerly "The Limes")

An unusual photograph of The Limes, now called Charmouth Lodge. Mrs Julia Whittington, the widow of Canon Whittington was living there with her five daughters in 1911. They were to make their mark on the village with their involvement with the school they ran next door at Little Lodge and the Tennis Club that they controlled.
The tall wall on the right belongs to the garden of 'Charmouth Lodge " formerly called 'The Limes'. A few years ago it was discovered that the west wall of Elliott` s garden had at one time an opening or doorway. It was then decided to use the old entrance and build another cottage which is approached from the other side, north of the Garage behind the Manor House "Charmouth Lodge" formerly The Limes. The deeds refer to a lease for two thousand years commencing on or about 14th October 1575. It will be remembered that the Lord of the Manor at that time was John Petre of Writtle, Essex, who leased the property called "The Elms"for two thousand years on 27th April 1575.The Lime's lease has been lost but it proves that there was some form of building there in the sixteenth century. The first indenture is between Sarah Clapcot (there is a tomb of the Clapcot family adjacent to the Warden Tomb in the churchyard) and Jacob Kitty a sail clothmaker, 25th March 1743, conveying a house with workshop,garden and orchard. In 1816 the messuage is described 41 feet east to west also a garden in length north to south 66 feet, separated from a garden owned by W.Stephens, an Inn holder, and bounded on the north by a range of old buildings, on the east partly by a messuage and partly by a wall belonging to W.Stephens - on the south by Charmouth Street on the west by a coach house purchased by William Stephens. In 1819 added to the property were a warehouse,a workshop and all the range of old buildings parallel with the northern end of the garden. All these premises were in the tenure of James Atkinson of London, merchant and Stephen Atkinson of Beaminster, who caused the house with warehouse and workshop to be pulled down and on the site erected two new houses. The property then lay between the fields on the north and the Street on the south, and between the lane leading to Wootton on the east and by a messuage and garden lately belonging to Ann Kitt on the west. It had a frontage of 41 feet and a garden behind with a depth of 66 feet. There was also a shop opposite the end of Sea Lane which was used as a schoolroom when the school in Sea Lane was being built. In 1839 Susan Elizabeth Bidwell purchased the two houses for £1,200.
In 1866 they were occupied by the Rev. Thomas L Montefiore and the Misses Poulson. Later T.L.Montefiore became owner and joined the two houses. Remains of a former archway can still be seen by the dining room window. Jesse Rapsey built a new staircase and bannisters. Great use was made of old four poster beds in the dining room over the fireplace and by the doorway. A coach house abutting the Street and stables were built also a conservatory above the kitchen entrance, which can be seen in the photographs. Early in the 1880s my family occupied the house until 1892 when we left Charmouth, and Alfred Haggard and family became tenants. They left in 1900 when Canon Whittington and family came to live there. There have not been many changes since. The coach house and conservatory were removed and the back entrance and front garden slightly altered. Miss Whittington has supplied the following stories - "A lady in white with full skirt conies down the stairs, goes through the hall and out into the garden. She has been seen by the Misses Whittington and by various guests staying in the house." I happened to tell my mother this story just before she died in 1936 and she rembered seeing the lady, but had never mentioned it as we were children at the time, Another story is of a monk who has been seen walking up the path on the west side of the garden. A man also has been seen in the corridor upstairs. Guests have complained that the door of the dressing room adjoining their bedroom would open in the night. The Misses Whittington are descended in a direct line from William de Whittington of the County of Warwick, who died in 1283. Sir Richard Whytington Knight (Dick) was also descended from William.
Notes taken by Reginald Pavey from the deeds to The Limes or Charmouth Lodge

1. 25 th March 1743  
Sarah Clapcott and Agnes Hutchings alias Chappell to Jacob Kitt, a sail maker. A house with workshop, garden and orchard.   Mary, daughter of William and Agnes Chappell born 1716
2. 24 th June 1793
William Kitt and Jacob Ridley Kitt, son of Jacob Kitt, of Axminster, Shoemaker. William Kitt conveys to Jacob R. Kitt all rights to House with workshops, Courtleys, garden, Orcahrd hitherto belonging to Jacob R.Kitt and that Jacob Kitt shall convey to William Kitt house belonging ( now 2 houses bought by Francis Rutley and John Davie and now in possession of Jacob R. Kitt as tenant) to William Kitt and to the severall pieces , parcels and closes called Yandover formerly 7 closes and now 5 closes conating 16 acres. Note Mary, daughter of Francis Rutley and mother of Jacob R.Kitt and William Kitt all deceased.
3. 2 nd October 1809 Mortgage Jacob Kitt to Richard Craze of Bridport.
Mortgage between Jacob R. Kitt and Richard Craze of Bridport All that dwelling house with Coach House- Warehouse, workshops, courtlage, Garden, Orcahrd stable purchased by Agnes Hutchings and formerly in possession of William Hutchings alias Chappel her husband, since of Jacob Kitt, deceased father of Jacob, R. Kitt and afterwards of Mary Kitt his mother also deceased for the residue of a certain term of 2000 years, commencing on 14 th October 1575. Wheras Jacob R. Kitt having occasion to borrow £500 has desired Richard Craze to lend him th sum and to take an assignment of premises above mentioned.
4. 24 th June1816
Assignment Stephen Atkinson, Thoams Hart, Richard Roberts and Jacob Kitt to Ann Kitt
Stephen Atkinson, merchant of Cheddingron, Thomas Hart, grocer of Bridport. richard F. Roberts Yarn Manufacturer of Burton Bradstock and Mrs Jacob Kitt to Ann Kitt all that messuage or tenement  in length from east to west 41 feet and also garden in length North to South of 66 feet which garden is divided by bound stones and is intended to be sepeated from a garden purchased by William Stephens, Innholder of Stephen Atkinson, Thomas Hart and Richard Roberts by a wall to be erected at his expense the messuage or tenement and garden are abutted and bounded on the north by a range of old buildings belonging to James and Stepehn Atkinson. On the East partly by a messuage and partly by a wall belonging to James and Stephen Atkinson. On the south by the High Street of Charmouth and on the west by aa coach House lately purchased by William Stephens as at present divided from the said garden of Ann Kitt by bound stones, etc and now in possession of Ann Kitt.
5. 24 th June1816
Assignment Stephen Atkinson, Thomas Hart, Richard Roberts to James Atkinson & Stephen Atkinson.
6. 18 th September 1818  
Assignment of premises for residue of 400 years to John White and wife to James Welch
James White was a shopkeeper of lichens yet who married Ann Kitt. James Welch described as a mariner  
7. 7 August 1819 Assignment James Atkinson, London Merchant to Stephen Atkinson of Beaminster.
The description of the property mentioned in previous indenture of 24 th June 1816.
All that dwelling house, formerly 2 houses. With a newly erected warehouse and plot of ground behind the same and also a workshop standing on the plot and adjoining the wall which separated the same from the close or meadow, afterwards described, and all the warehouse etc to be abutted and bounded on north by the wall which separate the same from the close. On the east by a road leading to Wootton on the south by the street and on the west by messuage belonging to Ann Kitt. And by a wall which separates the plot from the garden of Ann Kitt. Also all the range of old buildings parallel with the northern end of the garden of Ann Kitt and the garden of William Stephens , Inn Holder and extending from the northern end of the wall which separates the plot form Ann's Garden up to the piling adjoining the garden of Joseph Bradbeer and which said range of buildings contained in length from east to west and also that meadow containing about 3 roads abutted and bounded on the north by land belonging to the Rev. Brian Combe. on the easy by road  leading to Wootton on the east by a wall which separates the close form the plot of ground by the range of old buildings and on he west by the orchard of Joseph Bradbeer. All these premises are in the tenure of James and Stephen Atkinson or their tenants.and James Atkinson and Stephen have caused the house with Warehouse and workshop to be pulled down and on the site have erected 2 new houses. These houses and gardens are bounded on the North by a wall which separates the same from a close of land. On the east by he road to Wootton . On the south by the Street and on the west by the messuage and garden lately belonging to Ann Kitt by now... of Welch and Ann his wife. Also all that range of old buildings standing parallel with the north end of the garden of Welch and of he garden of William Stephens and extending from the Northern end of the wall which separates the garden of Welch from the garden belonging to the western most of the newly erected messages up To the pailing adjoining belonging to J. Bradbeer.  
8. 20 th July 1822 assignment James Welch to William Stephens, late of Charmouth now of Axminster. James Welch is described as a Grocer. £300 no paid to William Stephens who buys he premises outright plus£90.
9.1830 transfer of Mortgage Richard Craze of Bridport, Hatter, son off Richard, Coal Merchant to Elizabeth & Jemima Craze, spinsters
10. 10 th November 1834 Assignment William Stephens now of Exeter to George Biddlecombe of Winsham, Somerset, linen draper? He pays £425.
11. 1839 limited administration of the effects of Jacob Kitt deceased
12. 24 th June 1839 Assignment of Dwelling house Stephen Atkinson Esq. Died 1839 to Miss Susan Elizabeth Bidwell.
Stephen Atkinson sells premises to Susan Bidwell for £1200 described in no.7 and also the close of about 3 roods abutted on the north by land of Rev B. Coombe. On the east by road to Wootton and on south by the wall which separates the close from the pot of ground and by old buildings and alterations as now better described. All these 2 newly erected houses with stable, garden, pleasure ground and premises now or late in occupation of John Cooke Carpenter, Esq. Micahel Wakely, gentleman as tenants to Stephen Atkinson, bounded on est by lane leading to lands of H. Combe Compton on West by land belonging to William Stephens on North by lands of Philip Schalch esq on south by Turnpike road.
13 assignment of 2 leasehold houses upon trust for sale to miss Susan E Bidwell to William Bidwell of Dedham, Surgeon,Mr. Horatio Bidwell of Dedham, Surgeon and R.E. Moore of Plymouth, Gentleman. Susan marries William Jones Penkivil
14. 1846 deed of gift George Biddlecombe to Daniel Hitchcock. Daniel Hitchcock draper and grocer had lived with and served George Bidwell for 20 years as assistant in the grocery and drapery business in Winsham, Somerset and in return fog faithful service. George makes a gift of his property to Daniel.
15. 1848 Daniel mortgages property for £400 to Mrs Edwards of  Winsham. He is unable to pay interest and Mrs Edwards forecloses and claimed the house and grounds, but hse dies in 1856 and executors are Brown and Tucker. In 1870 they sell to Rev Montefiore for £325 the messauge, shop and garden and partly at presnt used by the National School and in part occupied by Henry William Pryer and namely the propert with frontage of 41 feet and garden behind with depth of 66 feet.
16. 1866 assignment of 2 houses Robert Moore with consent of Mrs Penkivil to Rev. T.L. Montefiore.
Mrs Penkivil was owner of 2 houses. They were then occupied by the misses Poulson and Rev. T.L. Montefiore. She sells the 2 houses with stable garden and pleasure grounds to Rev. Montefiore for £1000.
17. 21 July 1870 assignment of house and garden for the residue of term of 400 years from 1701 . Brown and Tucker to T.l. Montefiore.
18. assignement of premises to John Caldecott and B.B. Rogers.
19. 31 st July 1876 Mortgage to seure £619 Rev Montefiore to John Caldecott and Benjamin Rogers.
20. 1880 Release of equity of redemption to caldecott and Rogerstotal of £869.
24. 1905 mortgage of house for £250 to Mrs Macdonald
25. 1908 Transfer of mortgage macdonald to Morgan and Francis.
Description in 1905
" All that messuage(formerly 2 messuages) with stable, garden, pleasure ground and premises bounded on east by lane tp Wootton, south by turnpike Road. West by house and garden formerly belonging to and in occupation of Rev. T. L. Montefiore and by a garden belonging to J.B.S. Bullen and on the north by the land of the late Philip Schalch all which are 49 on Tithe mp and in the occupation of Mrs. Whittington".

The Whittingtons in their automobile outside "The Limes"