The Hall or as it was formerly known the Hill, has magnificent views over Freshford. The present building owes much to the influence of the Bythesea family who lived there for over 100 years. They were originally wealthy Clothiers whose family seat was Wyke House, near Trowbridge. Samuel Byethesea purchased the estate and converted the house into a suitable country residence. He lived here until he died aged 80 in 1830,
There are a number of memorials and Stained Glass windows both to him and his family in St. Peters Church. On his death the property passed to his nephew Samuel Francis Glossop Bythesea who in turn lived here until 1904. It was his father, George who paid £3,500 for the Patronage of the Church in 1818. He was to remain Vicar of the church for 20 years. The most famous parson associated with" The Hall" is George`s son - John who in 1854 was awarded a Victoria Cross during the Crimean War (click on web site link: John Bythesea V.C. Web Site).
Another interesting gentleman who lived there more recently was Lloyd George`s Grandson , the 3rd Earl Lloyd George. Click on images in left frame to see more about this fascinating house.