A History of Thalatta in Charmouth, Dorset
The view of the cliff top before the house was built at the turn of the 19th Century showing the battery (ammunition shed) where the entrance to the house is today. The artist was Albert Quinton who painted a number of views in the area which were later produced as postcards by Salmons
The house shortly after it had been built in 1922 with the distinctive wooden fencing now sadly gone.
year Ownership of Land/House
1085 Robert, Earl of Moriton
  Ford Abbey, with Beauchamps as Chief Lords
1293 Charmouth valued at 4 10s rent per annum
1316 Abbot of Forde certified as Lord of Charmouth
1320 Charmouth made a Borough
1320 Rights of improvements in village bounded by 7 acres by the river Mill by the sea
1564 Robert and William Caldwell sold to William Petre
1564 Survey of property in Charmouth held by Devon Archives
1572 Sir John Petre holds Manor
1574 Survey of property in Charmouth held by Devon Archives
1575 John Petre sells Manor to William Pole
1590 William Pole sells Newlands (part of Charmouth Manor) to William Wadham of Catherston
1645 Mr Coleton old rents sequestrated
1649 William Ellesden, son of Anthony Ellesden of Lyme Regis
1662 William Ellesden shown with House with 6 hearths , the largest in Charmouth
1732 Anthony Ellesden (1654-1737) improved the church in Charmouth
1730 Richard Henvil, Bristol Merchant nephew of Anthony Ellesden
1747 Richard Henvil, shown as Patron of Church
  Benedicta Henvil (Daughter) married to Rev. Joseph Durston
1764-8 Joseph Durston`s name in vestry book
1769 Joseph Durston`s buys mill Lane (then known as the common) from Robert Minson
1770 Mrs Benedicta Durston as lady of manor in Court Leet
1771 Mrs Benedicta Durston lets to Thomas Rickard , Carpenters shop (Ida`s shop)in lower sea Lane
1772 Mrs Benedicta Durston(nee` Henvill) vestry book
1778 Agrrement with Mrs Durston to make road which is now Lower Sea Lane
1779 Mrs Benedicta Durston(nee` Henvill) vestry book
  Francis Phipps Henvil, son of Richard Henvill of St. Kitts
1783 Book relating to Charmouth Manor and Newlands the property of Francis Phipps Henvill Esq
1783 Francis Phipps Henvil name in vestry book
1783 James Warden (died 1792) purchases Manor
1789 James Warden action against Rev Brian Coombes vicar for taking away stones from beach
1792 Ann Liddon nee`Warden(1764-1849), mortgaged estates children`s education
1796 Elizabeth Warden appears on land Tax list for Manor Houise
1796 Land south of Charmouth House described as waste of Charmouth Manor
1825 Ann Lindon renting a number of properties to Harris, Cousins, Proctor. John Liddon renting to Mr Mason
1833 Ann Liddon receives 45 per Annum from James Powell for Sea lands
1839 Ann Liddon living at Langmoor House
1841 Sarah Liddon? shown as Land Owner? On Tithe Map
1847 Ann Liddon shown on Land tax as renting to John Hodges and others
1849 Matthew John Liddon, Lord of Manor (1800-1864)
1853 Matthew John Liddon, Lord of Manor gives statement on Manor of Charmouth
1854 George Frean sells Longmoor Manor to Ann Moly for 3,400
1857 Sarah Liddon, daughter of William W.Warden dies
1863 Mrs Frean, George Frean held a motgage on Manor of Charmouth
1864 Matthew John Liddon, Lord of Manor, died 1864
1867 Auction details show executors or late G. Payne leasing Jessy Close
1867 Sir John Hawkshaw (1811-1891) purchases at Auction
1870 John James Coulton of Kings Lynn
1873 John James Coulton is shown as Lord of the Manor, county councillor for Norfolk
1896 John James Coulton brings action for taking stones from his beach
1898 JJ Coulton(1818-1908) puts up for Auction only a few lots sold
1902 J J Coulton sells neighbouring land to Bessie Lessiter who builds red bungalow
1904 JJ Coulton put again but no one attends Auction
1908 Alfred Gapper Pass of Wootton Fitzpaine buys land from Trustees of JJ Coulton
1922 Miss GraceL.Icombe of Ealing purchases plot of Land from Alfred Douglas Pass of Wootton Fitzpaine
1938 Richard Price sells Thalatta to Sydney Barratt of Edgbaston, Birmingham
1939-45 The house was occupied by a defending force of twelve men and a lieutenant. Their armament consisted of one two-pounder, ex naval gun mounted on the back of an old lorry
1965 Sir Sydney Barratt purcahes neighboring red Bungalow from Derrick William Warren
1974 Sir Sydney Barratt (died 1975) of Crowe Hall, Bath icludes ownership of adjoining red Bungalow
1986 legal charge between Lady Isabel Barrett and her daughter Mrs.Mary Isabel Scott
1988 Lady Isabel Barrett dies leaving property to John Peter Barratt and Mary Isabel Scott
2008 Neil & Ginette Mattingly purchase Thalatta