Sandford House, The Street, Charmouth (1844-1958)
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The site of Sandford House today
Sandford House on the corner which was demolished in 1958 by the Council to widen Lower Sea Lane.

an extract from Reginald Paveys Notes on Sandford House:
"Sandford Cottage" stood on the corner of Sea Lane. The first owners that I have notes of are George Hodges and his sister Ellenore 2nd daughter of John, the butcher. At the beginning of this century it was occupied by Miss Baxter and her niece Margie, who told me that she was descended from the old Saxon Kings in England and from Malcolm III in Scotland and the French King Pcpin le Bref. On the unofficial side, her grandfather Pierre de Ilaceritz, private secretary the Tzarina of Alexander II, was the son of a Russian Duke and a German Princess. The Tzar was extremely angry with the princess into a convent and took the baby himself to be brought up almost like royalty. Maceritz's son married a Scotswoman and Margie was born in the Winter Palace, but her mother could not endure life at the court and with the Tzar's permission withdrew with her children to Switzerland. Her mother died in Italy and her father was drowned when the "Mohigan" was wrecked in 1898 off Jersey. When Miss Baxter left,"Sandford Cottage" was owned by Mrs.Birkett whose daughter married Colonel Campbell Little. When the Colonel retired they lived in the house for many years, and Captain Brock Birkett R.N. lived with them. Mrs Little exhausted her strength during the 1939-45 war by her work for the British Legion and W.V.S, and died suddenly in 1949, Col. Little died shortly afterwards in 1958 and the house was purchased by the Dorset County Council and pulled down to improve the entrance, to Lower Sea Lane".