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Crowe Lane c.1950
Garage c.1950
Holbrows c.1870
Hop Pole Inn c.1950
Old House c.1950
Middle Stoke.c1905
Middle Stoke c.1900
Rose & Crown c.1880
Rose & Crown c.1950
Midle Stoke c.1905
View of Village c.1905
Village Hall c.1950
Vine Cottage c.1920
Waterhouse c.1880
Waterhouse c.1880
Wilkins Store c.1920
The Mill after Fire c.1950
Stoke Bridge in 1869
Mrs Patmore at the gate of her Cottage in Middle Stoke. 1906.
Vine Cottage in Middle Stoke.c.1900
The Home Guard during the 2nd World War.
from the Bath Chronicle:Somerset`s first post- woman, Mrs Lilian Lawrance, has died at her home at 249, Balbrook Lane, Batheaston. She was 87. Then Miss Patmore, from Limpley Stoke, she joined the Postal service during the First World War when women were employed on delivery work for the first time. This photograph, taken in November 1916, shows her with her dog on the old Limpley Stoke station waiting for the mail train to arrive. The figure one on her lapel denotes that she was the first postwoman in the county to be enrollled. Her daughter,.Miss Janet Lawrance, recalls, "As a postwoman she had to walk everywhere -she wasn't even allowed to use her bicycle to get f r o m her home in Limpley Stoke to Freshford where she delivered her letters." Mrs Lawrance and her , husband, William, a Limpley Stoke newsagent for many years, both sang in the church choir. Mr Law- rance was the vicar's clerk. Mrs Lawrance is survived by her daughters, Janet and Marian, son John and grandson, Simon. A service of thanksgiving is being held on Sunday afternoon at St.Mary the Virgin, Limpley Stoke,
John Lawrence and Mary Macintyre (nee` Turner), Middle Stoke, Limpley Stoke,