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Morris`s Store as it today,with the Old Bakery now Community Rooms used by the Village and the former shop is now occupied by Freshfords Antique Shop.
Morris`s store, looking towards the gates of Freshford Manor in 1953
Morris`s Store.c.1930
Morris`s Delivery Wagon outside the Store, c.1890
An Advert for Morris`s store in 1888.
The interior of the Shop as it appeared,c. 1970
Morris`s Delivery Cart outside the Store, c.1880
The interior of the Shop as it appeared c.1960
The Shop with its Blind down in 1970
The Morris family outside their shop
The Morris Lion which was formerley above the doorway , now opposite shop
The Morris Lion as it can be seen now above the gateway to a house in the High Street.
The building with its delivery wagon outside c.1900
Morris`s Store.c.1900
The web site for the Antique shop that now occupies the former shop.