The 20th Century Building

Almost a century later the house was sold by a descendant of Thomas Joyce to the local Architect Thomas Player Issac, who had rented Hinton Abbey for a number of years. His short occupancy and the large building works involved point to his objective of selling the finished house . For it is in 1893 that Percival Huth, a very wealthy Banker buys the property. Issac is best known as the architect for the domed Guildhall Market in Bath, though with his partner Hickes he designed a number of other houses and churches. Though his 2 additional wing at the rear are uninteresting he was sympathetic with the regency front of the building. His additional wing improved the look of the building and even today fools most people into believing it is comptempary with the other wing. The magnificent Conservatory which lead of from this new wing has fortunately survived to this day, despite threats of demolition in the past. Almost all of the interiors were remodelled in the Victorian style with heavy plaster ceilings and mahogany display cabinets. Sadly a number of rooms were lost in the creation of a large new staircase.
The major additions undertaken by Thomas Isaac for the Huth`s are in purple which included 3 new wings and the conservatory
The front of the House in 1912 with its immaculate garden. The Conservatory and the adjoining wing were built by Thomas Issac in 1887.
The rear of the House from the Orchard in 1890 showing 4 stages in its development. The original cottage is on the left, then part of the 8 bay Hayward building, next is Joyce's wing and finally Isaac's wing built in 1887