A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

(1)James Williams Hatherell
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HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL (Glebe) - The Pound - - - 1 197
HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL (Glebe) - Church & Yard - - 1 7 199
HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL (Glebe) Reverend William HATHEREL House & Garden - - 1 31 200
HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL John HODGES Field & Garden Meadow & Garden 2 1 23 203
HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL (Glebe) John HODGES Glebe Field Meadow 2 3 - 215
HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL (Glebe) John HODGES Glebe Field Meadow 1 - 9 216
HATHEREL Reverend William HATHEREL (Glebe) John HODGES House & Garden - - - 36 217
1841 Tithe Map for Charmouth


Eliza Cooke HATHERELL , aged 34 years, the wife of the Reverend J.W. Hatherell, Rector of Charmouth, Dorset. Buried 16th january 1842 in Malta.
1841 Census: James; HATHERALL; 39; Rector of church.Eliza; HATHERALL; 33James; HATAnn; WESTON; 45; Female servantHERALL; 8Lucy; HATHERALL; 13Mary; HATHERALL; 12Henry; COX; 22; Male servantHanna; WEAVER?; 42; Female servantSarah; RAVEN********; 19; Female servant
Esther; COOK; 43; ind.- is she sister of Eliza nee Cooke.
The 1840 Electoral Roll shows Isaac Cooke shown as owning a house on Charmouth where the Rev. J. W. Hatherall is Tenant.

Dr. WILLIAMS. Footnote to Woodchester Memorial Inscriptions in Gloucestershire Notes and Queries.

Many highly interesting particulars of Dr. WILLIAMS may be found in Fishers Stroud, pp.281-289; and in the churchyard of Stroud there is a monument over his family vault with this inscription :-

An affectionate memorial of nine children of the Rev. John WILLIAMS, D.D., and Elizabeth his wife. John, died Feb. 2nd, 1815, aged 2 years, 8 mons. Emily, May 9th, 1822, 1yr 2 mons. Mary Anne, July 22nd, 1829, 18yrs 11 mons. Fanny, Oct. 25th 1834, 2yrs 10 mons. John (2nd), Jan. 31st 1838, 22yrs 4 mons, Student of Guy's Hospital, London. Hester Kezia, Feb. 2nd 1838, 23yrs 10 mons. Eliza Cooke, wife of Rev. J.W. HATHERELL, D.D., died at Malta, Jan 14th 1842, aged 33 yrs 8 mons. Herbert, died Sept. 22nd 1843, aged 20 yrs. Alfred, June 21st 1845, aged 20 yrs.
Sacred to the memory of Christiana, wife of Samuel Warren PUDDICOMBE, Esq., and daughter of John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, of Woodchester in this county. She died at Redwall, Worcestershire, June 21st 1856, aged 37 years.
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John WILLIAMS, D.D., 28 years Curate of this parish, and afterwards 24 years Rector of Woodchester, in this county. He died June 30th 1857, aged 78 years. His wife Elizabeth, in the 83 year of her age, on January 18th, 1870, entered into rest, is laid beside hi

Parents' Marriage: the Island of Malta in 1821. Baptised by: ... Eliza Church - Daughter of William Church & Susanna (formerly Pritchard) Born: 28 Dec ...... Charles James Cooke - Son of James Cooke & Margaret Born: 16 Sep ..... Elizabeth Hatherall - Daughter of David Hatherall & Mary (formerly Swettenham) Born: 21 Feb ...
I have said that the case of Eliza S was one which seemed to have a special claim on my attention. ...... Stephen, Esq., M.D., Cheltenham Cooke , C. T., Esq., Cheltenham Cooke , Charles James, ...... 16 WORKS PUBLISHED BY I HATHERELL , REV. J. W.-NINE SERMONS Pieaclied at the Palace Chapel la Yaletta, at Malta , .