A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

(1) Hales
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Crockfords 1868

By 2nd m) Clemency Anne Susan (Birstwith House, Birstwith, Harrogate, N Yorks), 6 1949; MA Oxon: m 1974, John Behrens, son of ... who d 1974, da of late Maj-Gen Arthur Hales , late R Inniskilling Fus, of Lansdown Ores, Bath, and Charmouth , Dorset (Hoare. ... Ross, da of late Col John W. Frese), 6th Earl, b 1839: in 1864, Anne Elizabeth, who rf 19**9, da of late Rev John Dixon Clark, of Belford Hall.

Sea View Lower Sea Lane - Hales
Robert Hinter was the first to live in the house, which had originally intended for an Inn according to Tom Hunter, who was born there.
Sea View was built ona piece of Ground called The Potato Plot. Purchased by Rev J.D. Hales in 1837. Other properties bought by Rev. j. d. Hales in 1837.
(1) a formerly in occupation of Mary Coffin and Edward Woonton - later occupied by Felstone.
(2) Double Common
(3) Plot B on both sides of Main Street.plot on corner of Sea Lane was Braggs Stores (1947) formerly H.E. Pryers workshop and yard had been a carpenters shop for many years. It was owned by Benedicta Durston in 1771 and let to Thomas Rickard at yearly tent of 6d. Occupied in 1843 by F. Coles. Plot C was bought from William Burnard. Cottages and buildings upon land where once stood the New Inn, which was built by Emmanuel Symes and occupied by John Hodder. It consisted of two cottages  and occupied by F. Coles and Martha Gordge. Also in 1843 Minsons Common was purchased from William Burnard. Described in deeds as being in Mill Lane or otherwise Seaside Lane. It was formerly called The Common and was sold to Joseph Durston in 1769 by Robert Minsons.
This property was left by Rev. J.D. Hales to his 2 sons John and Arthur. Rev. J.D. Hales died in 1879.
Arthur Hales died in 1904 and left his share to his wife Maria Frances Hales.
Abstract of the Title Deeds of Primrose Cottage
The Will 1861 of John Dixon Hales of Charmouth Lodge - Charmouth. After reciting Indenture dated 19th January 1843 between William Burnard and J.D. Hales whereby all that Messuage or dwelling house situated in Charmouth afterwards known as the New Inn and which premises thre consisted of two cottages and gardens therein the occupation of F.Coles and Martha Gordge was assigned to J. D.Hales for the residue of 2000 years granted by Indenture of lease 20th October 1656 between John Bragge and Ann his wife and John Sampson and by the same indenture a stable for many years past converted into a stable or carpenters shop

In 1873 he owned 5a 2r 12p in Chaemouth and was living in Richmond.

31st January 1837  a lease and release between Henry Gobins Kirsteman of 1st part and John Dixon Hales of 2nd part and Thomas Kingston Bayly of 3rd part. All that garden plot situate and lying at Charmouth Street formerly in the occupation of Mary Coffin and Edward Wootton, but lately in occupation of Felstone are shown in yellow. Also all those two plots of land together containing 1 acre 3 roods 6 perches coloured green. All that close meadow or pasture now known as Double Common adjoining Sea Lane in parish of Charmouth coloured light blue (tithe no. 46). 
All that small piece of ground formerly called The Potato Plot situate opposite the close called Double Common being divided from a road together with the messuage there on erected coloured dark blue . (tithe no. 226). 
All that piece of land adjoining the Main Street containing about 3 roods 19perches together with the cottages and buildings erected Theron which is coloured Pink. (tithe no. 44). 
19th January 1843.All that parcel of land contains 9 perches or thereabouts adjoining the Main Street and the cottages and buildings erected Theron which said piece or parcel of land formerly stood a messuage erected by one Emanuel Symes and afterwards called The New Inn formerly in the occupation of John Hodder which are coloured brown on the map. For a term of 2000 years between William Burnard and John Dixon Hales.
All that Carpenters Shop coloured red. Assigned for a term of 1000 years in occupation of Harry William Pryer.(tithe no. 204).   
All that acre of meadow called Minsons Common coloured light blue. Assigned for 2000 years in occupation of F.Coles (tithe no. 179).  
19th January 1843 J.D. Hales bought from William Burnard the messuage known as the New Inn, which then consisted of two cottages and gardens let to Frederick Coles and Martha Gordge. It was for the residue of a term of 2000 years granted in 1656 between John and Ann Bragge for the one part and John Sampson of the other part. John Hales also bought from William Burnard a Stable for many years past converted carpenters shop situate in Mill Lane otherwise Seaside Lane ( Lower Sea Lane) which was then in the occupation of Harry William Pryer. It was assigned for the residue of 1000 years granted from 13th November 1771 between Benedicta Durston  of the one part and Thomas Richard of the other part for a yearly rent of 6d. 
25th December 1843 J.D. Hales bought one acre of meadow ground formerly known as "The Common" , but then as Minsons Common situate in Mill Lane, Charmouth leased to Fredrick Coles and was assigned for the residue of a term of 2000 years granted in a lease dated 1 September 1769 between Robert Minson of the one part and Joseph Durston of the other part . (tithe no. 179).
Family still own it in 1906.
John Dixon Hales of Charmouth Lodge left his estate to two sons John Hales and Arthur Hales equally. 
Tithe no. 47 Bejamin Adney Symes renting to John Coles. The area is 2 roods 22 perches 
Tithe no. 44 Rev. John Hales renting Orchard to Joseph Hodges. The area is 3 roods 19 perches 
Tithe no. 46 Rev. John Hales renting to Sarah Felstone. The area is 1 roods 4 perches 
Tithe no. 176 Rev. John Hales renting Double Common to Joseph Cozens. The area is 2 acres 
Tithe no. 204 Rev. William Burnard is renting a Carpenters Shop to John Carter. The area is 4 perches 
Tithe no. 205 Rev. John Hales renting a garden to John Carter. The area is 17 perches 
Tithe no. 206 Rev. John Hales renting a field called Pear Close to John Coles. The area is 1 acre 2 roods 20 perches 
Tithe no. 226 Rev. John Hales renting Garden Plot to Sarah Felstone. The area is 16 perches

all that the said Close of Meadow or pasture Ground now called Pear Close but lately know by the name of Edwards's Close containing 1 acre 2 roods 36 perches and being in Charmouth aforesaid and now in the occupation of William Burnard as tenant thereof And also all that one close of Meadow or Pasture Ground now called the Double Common but therefore known by the Name of Westleys and Braggs Closes containing 2 acres 25 perches also in Charmouth now in occupation of said William Stephens as tenant therof Also all that the said small Garden containing about 20 perches also situate in Charmouth aforesaid bounded by the Turnpike Road leading to Axminster and opposite to the said Dwelling House in the occupation of Said Mary Coffin which small garden is now held by Elizabeth Rickard and Mary Rickard for one life and also all that the said small piece or strip of Ground in Charmouth aforesaid now called the Potato Plot containing about 11 perches opposite the Close called the Single Common being divided therefore by the Road or Public Highway now in the occupation of the said Mary Coffin which said closes or pieces of land called Pear Close the Double Common of the same James Warden in the year 1788 by the said Brian Combe deceased

1916 July 12th 1895 An uninhabited house, adjoin Mr. Coles, next caught fire, and there was great fear that an adjacent block of thatched cottages would be involved in the conflagration. By pulling down the walls of the house next Mr. Coles the progress of the flames was checked, but the three houses were completely burnt out. Mr. Prayers house and that of Mr. Coles were insured, but we are sorry to say, wholly inadequate to cover the loss incurred by the fire. The third house belonging to Major General Hales was uninsured.



The Hales Estate was sold in an  Auction William Morley & Sons at the Coach and Horses, August 9th, 1921