Foxley Farm, The Street, Charmouth
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1841 Tithe Map
148 Anne LIDDON Anne LIDDON Guppy's Tenement Meadow - 3 16
149 Anne LIDDON Anne LIDDON House & Garden - - 1 1
150 UNOCCUPIED Elizabeth SHYLES & Sarah SHYLES House & Garden - - 1 31
151 John HODGES & another George DARBY Houses & Gardens - - 1 33
152 Susannah WELCH & others Bennett FELLOWS Houses & Gardens - 1 - 13
153 Thomas GORDON & others Sarah KNIGHT (Leasehold) House, Yard & Field Meadow 1 - 10
154 Mary ROBINS Mary ROBINS Garden Garden - - 16
155 Joseph COZENS Bennett FELLOWS Lamb Moor Meadow 1 2 33
156 Joseph COZENS George DARBY Turks Mead Meadow 2 - 12
157 Joseph COZENS George DARBY Stony Close Meadow 3 2 39
158 Joseph COZENS George DARBY Little Voxley Arable 3 - 29
159 Joseph COZENS George DARBY Orchard Orchard 1 1 20
160 Joseph COZENS George DARBY Orchard Close Arable 3 3 9
161 Joseph COZENS George DARBY Great Mead Meadow 5 - 10
162 Robert HARRIS Anne LIDDON The Drang Meadow 3 - 32
1881 Census showing Reuben Durrant who was farming Foxley farm living at Bruton House. later renamed Well Head House

Agnes Lymbery, now the wife of John James, holds by copy 16 Apr 1548, a cottage and 16 acres viz; curtilage (1 a), Common close (1 a), Le ragge (2a), Overhole mead pasture (5 a), Netherhole mead pasture (3 a), & Foxley acre (3 a), lying in 2 closes; to hold for lives of herself, the said John James and John Lymbery; fine 54s 4d, rent 31s 4d.


Mr. Benjamin Bradford

162. House & Orchard (£6-0-0d) 2r 8p

163. Duck`s Mead (£3-3-9d) 2a 20p

164. Bottom Mead (£5-16-4d) 2a 3r 1p

165. Orchard Close (£4-15-3d) 3a 17p

166. Foxley Orchard ( £3-16-6d) 1a 1r 4p

167. Stoney Close (£4-17-7d) 3a 3r 25p

168. Great Foxley (£3-6-4d) 3a 26p

169. Little Mead (£2-17-9d) 2a 1r 10p

170. Little Foxley ( £1-14-10d) 1a 2r 26p

Mr B. Bradford - 21a 3r 17p

Reginald Pavey writes:"The entrance to Foxley Farmyard was by the side of the house up a short lane, and a barn on the other side.In 1931 the farm and the adjacent cottages were bought by E. Washer, a speculative builder. He pulled down the barn by the entrance and built Waverley . The farm buildings in the yard were converted into a bungalow without completely destroying the cow sheds. One Sunday morning at about 9.30 the bungalow caught fire and had to be rebuilt.
The cottage below is several hundred years old. The low wall in front is quite modern and the porch used to stand out over the pavement, In 1872 it was occupied by Isaac Hunter, a fisherman and expert collector of fossils. He was the younger brother of Robert, of whom were descended from a laird, who came to the neighbourhood and married a girl of humble birth, was a powerful oarsman, since his challenge to row against any man living between Westbay and Lyme was never challenged.The next cottage is equally old, The ceiling in the back room is low and supported by ancient oak and an oven was discovered under the modern staircase. It is an old farm and at one a dairy let to two brothers,who lived at Lamberts Castle. At another time it was a beer house. A carrier Pidgeon was accustomed to stop here on his way from Honiton to Dorchester for a drink. His granddaughter Bessie Goslin, the wife of Harry Stamp. Curiously enough there was another carrier living this time named William Pidgeon, who died in 1875 aged 50, but no relation. He worked between Axminster and Charmouth and his stable on the Axminster Road opposite Lilly Farm, His family lived in Lyme Hill and his wife in the operation on Joe Taylor. In 1930 the cottage was occupied by Sirl, who paid 5/- a week and sub-let the front room to the local Commissioner of Births and Deaths for 2/6. In 1931 it purchased by Edward Washer when Foxley Farm sold, During the 1939-45 War it was owned by H. Brocklehurst, a retired engineer, who added the entrance porch and gave it the name "Badgers". Until 1968 it was a bookshop called Badgers Bookshop".
1901 Ordnance Survey Map