Firlands. The Street. Charmouth
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Picnic at Lamberts Castle. John Toms by dog. Mrs Toms with umbrella lived at Firlands.Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Smith sat in front they lived at 2 Firlands., Frank Coles in cap with his sister lived at Sunnyside (now Devonedge), Miss Nichols far right. John Toms was living at Firlands in 1911 with his wife, Rose. He is described as a Corn dealer and worked at the Mill then owned by the Bullens. Wilfred and Edith Smith lived at 2 Firlands in that year. Frank Coles ran the Bakery where Devonedge is today, whilst his wife operated a Boarding House above it.
Conversion of a Store into a Dwelling House by Mr. Toms. in 1922
Sale of Firlands in 1901 Plan of Firlands, formerly the Drill Hall in 1901 when it belonged to the Toms. The deed records that it was bought by Francis Cole, Baker from Maria Margaret Bristow in 1891.John Toms paid £515 for all that parcel of land, four cottages and Drill Hall having a frontage of 120 feet andan area of 3/4 acre. In 1920 John Toms gave it to Rose Toms.Maria margaret Bristow was the eldest dauhter of the late Whiston Bristow of Hitchin. She inherited ghem from A.E. Jenkins who died in 1875. Barney Hansford bought the properties from John Toms in 1948. Phantasy was the name given to no. 3 Firlands. Crinoids was the name given to Firlands, the former Drill Hall/Telephone Exchange which was sold by David Hansford in 1988 to Mr and Mrs Dodd. It would sem that Barney lived with his family at Phantasy, but after buying the former Telephone Exchange, they rfenamed it and moved there in 1988.
In 1952 Samuel Barnard Hansford paid £3250 to The Postmaster General for the old Telephone Exchange, the plan of which is shown above.

I AGNES JANE HANSFORD of Crinoids High Street Charmouth in the County of Dorset HEREBy REVOKE all Wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and DECLARE this to be my last Will which I make this 22nd December One Thousand nine Hundred and Eighty One
I Appoint my Son DAVID BARNARD PITFIELD HANSFORD to be my sole Executor and Trustee of this my Will.
Give Devise and Bequeathe unto my said son Patrick Adrian Hansford absolutely free of all Capital trasfer Tax and other impositions arising by reason of my death my two parcels of land comprising 5 acres and 1 acrss respectively at Hardon Hill Ryall, Dorset.
I Give Devise and Bequeathe unto my said Son DAVID BARNARD PITFIELD HANSFORD my interest in the net proceeds of sale of the premises known as Crinoids High Street Charmouth aforesaid as more particularly described in a Conveyance made the Fifteenth day of December One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty Five between Her Majesty's postmaster General of the one part Samuel Barnard Hansford myself and the said David Barnard pitfield Hansford of the other part TOGETHER with the value of ay interest in the Partnership between my Husband my said Son and myself and free of all Capital Transfer Tax and fiscal impositions arising and chargeable thereon by reason of my death----------------------------I Give Devise and Bequeathe all the rest residue and remainder of my estate and effects of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate (after payment thereout of my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses) unto my said Husband SAMUEL BARNARD HANSFORD absolutely--

The Drill Hall is seen here on the right before Gabled roof added.
Firlands in the 1980`s when Barney Hansford had his Exhibition there,
The building on the end of Firlands that was demolished to make access to Barneys Close in the 1980`s
The building on the end of Firlands that was demolished to make access to Barneys Close in the 1980`s