17th Century - the Davisons of Pittes Place

Richard and Alice Le Peyt are recorded as owners of a house with 50 acres of lands in Freshford in 1309. The remains of this building still exist near the entrance and is referred to as Pittes Place in 1603 when it is given by Henry Davison to his son. This family live here until Joseph dies in 1716 aged 88 years. The earlier building would have been rebuilt in Tudor Times as sections of fine mullioned windows have been found on the site. The 1666 Hearth Tax for the village shows it having 9 , John Ashe's House( now Peradins) has 11 and the Parsonage (Gowan House) with 5 hearths.

18th Century - the Haywards of Freshford House
In 1718 Robert Hayward employs the Bath architect-Thomas Greenway to build a fine Palladian mansion set back from the former Davison's House-Pittes Place which he had purchased from Anthony Methuen. This new building is now known as Freshford House. Further land is purchased and the property descends through his son to his granddaughter-Betty Hayward, who marries the wealthy William Tugwell in 1765

19th Century - the Joyces of Freshford House
Betty's son –George Hayward Tugwell rents the house to Henry Fisher from Limpley Stoke until 1795. It is sold the following year to local boy made good-Thomas Joyce. He employs the Architect-John Pinch to greatly enlarge the house and alter its orientation so it faces down the Avon valley. After his death in 1817 the house is rented out to a number of illustrious gentleman including Sir William Napier and Sir Walter James.

20th Century - the Huths of Freshford Manor
The Huth's were members of a wealthy Banking Family who buy the house in 1886 from Thomas Player Isaac, an architect, who has added new wings and a conservatory. He renames the house-Freshford Manor.
With the departure of the Huths in 1913 changes in the appearance of the house were few, apart from the removal of the damaging ivy which had covered the outside.