A description of Mr Joseph Davisons property that he is renting from Mary Ashe in 1712
All that Capital Messuage,backside, orchard & garden together with a barn, stable & one other 4 dwelling house there unto adjoining
The Upper & Lower Hayes~ 28 Acres
Hayes Copice~ 6 Acres
one Close of pasture called Poole Close~ 7Acres
One Close of meadow called Broadmeade ~10 Acres
one close called Shutes Home Close~ 15Acres
One close of arable land called Barne Leaze~ 12 Acres
Two Closes of Pasture called by Little Field & Leggs Woodwax~20Acres
One close of Pasture called the Tyneing & Connyger ~12 Acres
One Close of Meadow called Neatons & Kings Mead~ 19 Acres
One Close of arable called Brewers Close ~10 Acres
Three Closes of arable land called Leggswood Wax and AlIens Grove & New Inclosure~ 43 Acres
One Close of arable newly inclosed on Sharpestone~ 4 Acres
One Coppice wood called Aurkley Cops~ 4 Acres
& all those several parcels of arable land lying dispersed in the upper field of Freshford~20 Acres
Total Acreage: 213 Acres
1712 Description of Freshford Farm