A building that was once a candle manufactuary
Nowhere Lane in 1885 and Today
486 & 487 John Smith (Hedges) Candle Manufactory
Smith Robert 25 Ag .Labourer No Where Lane
Smith Ann 25 No Where Lane
Smith John 5 No Where Lane
Smith Elizabeth 10 months No Where Lane
Hedge Samuel 65 No Where Lane
Hedge Charlotte 60 No Where Lane
Hedge Mary 15 No Where Lane

Frankling Frederick 20 Maltster 488 No Where Lane
Frankling Leah 25 Dress Maker No Where Lane
Frankling Jevis 7 No Where Lane
Frankling William 5 No Where Lane
Grinnell James 60 Sawyer No Where Lane
Grinnell Elizabeth 66 No Where Lane.
HEDGES John HD M 27 Blacksmith WIL Bradford Morgans Hill
HEDGES Fanny WI M 25 Wife WIL Norton Morgans Hill
HEDGES John SO U 1 - WIL Bradford Morgans Hill
Auction 19th December 1865

With the Yard, Tallow Chandler's Shop, and Outhouses at the rear thereof, situate in St. Margaret Street, Bradford, aforesaid, occupied by MR. THOMAS SMART, Grocer and Tallow Chandler, and MR. CHARLES LONG, Builder. The house occupied by Mr. Smart comprises a Front Shop, large Sitting Room, Wash-
house and Scullery, with 3 front and 1 back Bedrooms, and there is a Tallow Chandler's Boiling House, and Candle or Store Room in the Yard at the rear; and the House occupied by Mr. C. Long contains a Front Sitting Room, large Kitchen, and 4 Bedrooms over.
There is a capital Pump and Well of Water on the premises, and a back entrance and right of way, from No-where Lane

Land Tax 1870
This is an interesting List showing Henry Fricker owning 6,7 (Shrapnell House) which he had bought in 1858 from Henry Shrapnell. It also shows him owning 9,10 (Rialto) with Thomas Smart as tenant that he had bought in the 1865 Auction. The entry referring to late Bath, is the 5 cottages (t.no.485) which he had bought from Anne Rayner`s daughter. James Budgett owned a group of cottages on St. Margarets Hill and the reference to him as "late Budget" refers to Henry`s purchase of these.