The Spanish Armada off the coast of Charmouth in 1588.
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A contemporary Map of 1588 showing the English and Spanish Fleet in Lyme Bay. Below is an enlargement of the area around Charmouth

When the kingdom was threatened by the invincible Spanish armada, as it was termed, great attention was paid to the coasts. In the Lansdowne MSS. 113, No. 37, is a note of the probable places for landing of men in the county of Dorset.
" Chidioke and Charmouthe are two beaches to lande boates, but it must be very fFayre wether, and the wind northerly. Lym. A cobbe or peere, wherein shyppes may aryve, having fayre wynd and bringing the tyde with them, and no danger."
Lord Burleigh procured a plan of the Cobb, which was copied on the margin of a large map. Sir John Norris, in his advice to the county [Harl. MS.], recommended, " that on the approach of the enemy the whole force should assemble at Weymouth, except such as are appointed for the guard of particular places, as at Lyme, sixty foot." He elsewhere asserts, what has been subsequently disproved, that Lyme "is not easy to be put in any manner of defence." Mr. Strangeways appointed the sixty men who were to guard Lyme, and keep a look-out for the enemy's fleet. The townsmen were not negligent in promoting the public safety : they sent two ships, the Jacob, of ninety tons, and the Revenge, Richard Bedford, of sixty tons, to serve under the lord admiral, who was about to sail against the armada. The decisive engagement between the two fleets was fought in sight of Lyme in 1588. The brave admirals, having received reinforcements from the different ports, then ventured to engage the proud foe more closely. They went into action with their ships in sight of Lyme. When the Spaniards drew near Portland race, in their way to Flanders, they kept much closer together, having sustained considerable damage, and the English fleet gave over the pursuit.
extract from Roberts History of Lyme Regis & Charmouth