Richard Mattingly (1783-1824)
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Spelling Name Date Birth Record Village
Mattingly Richard 1783   Baptism Whitchurch
Mattingly Richard 1808   Marriage Whitchurch
Mattingly Richard 1810   Baptism North Stoneham
Mattingley Henry 1813   Baptism North Stoneham
Mattingley William 1813   Baptism North Stoneham
Mattingly Sarah 1815   Baptism Eling
Mattingly Jane 1818   Baptism Eling
Mattingley Mary 1824 1789 Burial Whitchurch
IRichard is born in Whitchurch to Thomas and Elizabeth Mattingly in 1783. He marries Mary, daughter of George and Elizabeth Mildenhall, who appear regulaly in the Parish Records for the village.Shortyly afterwards they move south 25 miles to North Stoneham on the outskirts of Southampton, where 3 of their children are born. Finally they travel another 8 miles to Eling in about 1815,the year of the Battle of Waterloo.
The earliest reference to Richard Mattingly is in 1808 when he marries Mary Mildenhall at Whitchurch, Hampshire. The reference is from Hampshire Parish Registers Volume 8 Marriages published in 1906
1826 Greenwood map
"Whitchurch" engraved by J.Shury & Son after a picture by D.H.McEwen, published in Mudie's Hampshire Past and Present , 1839
June 1, 1793. J. Farington R.A. delt. J.C.Stadler sculpt. (Published) by J. & J. Boydell, Shakespeare Gally. Pall Mall & (No. 90) Cheapside (London).

The following children are shown as baptised in St. Mary`s Church, Eling, Sarah and Jane,to Richard and Mary Mattingly of Tatchbury. Richard is described as a Gardener working for H.T. Timson, Esq. Henry Mattingly is born in 1813.
A later record shows their Granddaughter, Mary being baptisied at the same church on 2nd July , 1831 to Charles and Ann Mattingly. He is also described as Gardener this time to H.G.Timson Esq, no doubt working witth his father on the tatchbury Estate.

Tatchbury Mount , Calmore, Southampton, in 1910

William Timson Esq, late of Moor Park, Surrey died aged 78 at Tatchbury Mount in 1818. Henry Thomas Timson died in 1849.
The mental deficiency colony was established before 1931 in Tatchbury Mount House which was an early 19th century country house. Three villas and a temporary hospital were built in 1939. A near by house Loperwood Manor was acquired by 1941 and several buildings erected. The grounds also include an Iron Age Hill fort . The building which were formally the stables and coach house to Loperwood House are listed. It would seem the original fine Georgian Mansion has been demolished.


The earliest record is that for the 1841 Census returns for Eling, near Southampton, Hampshire. It shows Henry Mattingly, living at Winsor,as a Groom, aged 25, with Mary his wife, aged 30 with William, aged 6, Thomas, aged 3 and Mary aged 8 months. The description in the 1841 Census reference book is as follows: "All that part of the Parish which lies North of the Sarum Turnpike road from the New Inn at Cadnam to Bears Lane end, South of the Parish Road from Bears Lane end to Whitemoor Pond and East of the Parish road from Whitemoor Pond to the New Inn at Cadnam".
a Groom is a person responsible for the feeding and care of horses