The Puddicombe Family

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Elizabeth Newell Puddicombe came from a distinguished family in Lyme Regis. A john Newall first appears in their records in 1625 as a merchant and his son played a gallant part in the Siege during the Civil War. Nicholas Newell has been Mayor in 1744 and his grandson, John Puddicombe twice mayor1768 & 73). It was he who had married Elizabeth Newell and were to have four children: Thomas (1760 - ), John(1758) and Elizabeth (1751- 1798) and Mary
John was a Surgeon. alderman and twice Mayor.
Thomas vicar in 1794
1834 beech house Miss Puddicombe
1847 S.W. Puddicombe living in Bradfords

John Puddicombe Will 1789
Surgeon and apothecary in Bedford street, London.
Son, Thomas, son in law Samuel Warren daughter Elizabeth income independent of husband £20 annuity. Son Benjamin Donnett Puddicombe five shillings weekly. John Newell Puddicombe £500 half of residue to my daughter Mary Donnett Warren, wife of Samuel Warren and the other half to my son, Thomas

Elizabeth Newell Warden
In the Name of God Amen, I Elizabeth Newell Warden of Axminster in the County of Devon,Widow make this my last Will and testament in manner following that is to say first I give and bequeathed to Hannah Parks Liddon,wife of William Liddon of Axminster aforesaid Gentleman my Large India Burwan and cabinet now at Langmoor, 2 India pictures painted on glass, a large Copper ..Kettle, 2 silver Carry spoons marked H.P. Garnet, Necklace and earrings that belonged to her Mother, and 2 China bowls also I give and bequeath to William Weeks Wharton Warden all the clothes that were his late fathers and now contained in trunk in my dwelling house at Axminster, 2 silver gilded swords now in the custody of Isaac Loveridge Blacksmith at Lyme Regis and 2 Spy Glasses the largest is now in the Custody of my tenant Mr Dicken at Langmoor also I give and bequeath to Ann Liddon, wife of Matthew Liddon of Axminster aforesaid Gentleman a pair of bracelets containing her late fathers picture and the other his hair, a set of tea china that belonged to our Mother and 6 silver table spoons marked W,H,P also I give and bequeath to Mary Puddicombe, daughter of Stephen and Mary Puddicombe of West Looe in the County of Cornwall the sum of  £2.To her brother Stephen Puddicombe -£10.To my friend Miss Haynes my small collection of books and bookcase , my small marble sugar chest set in silver and the sum of £5 to my kinsman the Rev. Joseph Donnett of Colyton - £2 ,to his wife Judith Donnett - £10. To my friends John Harvey .. and John Kingston - £5 each to my servant Mary Plunket if living with me at the time of my decease a years wages and suit of mourning and the sum of £25 to such other servants as shall be living with me at the time of my decease a suit of mourning and £5 each also I give to my sister all my clothes and trinkets a China counterpart my large silver waiter silver sugar basket ,silver cream pail and ladle also I give to my niece Mary Warden in my Silver Teapot and stand my small India cabinet. To my niece Elizabeth Newell Warden my silver Coffee Pot and Stand and my Gold Watch chain also all ….
To pay within 12 months next after my decease, also I give and devise all my messuages, lands , tenements, wharfs, warehouses and heridiaments lying and being at Wapping, near London and in the county of Essex to the said John Harvey Pierce(?) and John Kingston and to the survivor of them his heirs and assigns to and for ……. That my sister and brother John Newell Puddicombe may and during the term of their natural lives take a yearly rent of £25 each of lawful money of Great Britain… my said Nieces Mary Warren and Elizabeth Warren… take a yearly rent of £50  each   .. my brother Thomas Puddicombe and his assigns…1798 Eliza Newell Warden

John Puddicombe Will 1789
John Puddicombe, surgeon and apothecary of Lyme Regis but now residing in Bedford Street, London.
Bequeathe to my son, Thomas Puddicombe and son in law Samuel Warren, Esq. an annuity of £20 during the natural life of my daughter Elizabeth Newell Warden ( wife of James Warden Esq) to be paid out of the residue of my estate. I give to my son Benjamin Donnett Puddicombe five shillings a week. Bequeathe to my son, John Newell Puddicombe £500. Half of my estate to my daughter, Mary Donnett Warren, wife of Samuel Warren. The other half to my son Thomas Puddicombe

Reverend Thomas Puddicombe will Branscombe will 1827
Gives Wapping properties to his sister Mary Donnett Warren of Stoughton Cross Wedmore, Somerset and my brother John Newell Puddicombe of Islington, Middlesex. His sister to take the profits
Niece Mary Elizabeth Austin.
I give to Mary Donnett Warren the moiety of Grayson Farm in Burton Bradstock.
He gives her Wood farm, previously known as Crown Moore in Charmouth.
I Thomas Puddicombe of Branscombe my great nephew Samuel Warren Austin, the son of my niece, Mary Elizabeth Austin shall within the year take the name of Puddicombe only after Warren. Proved 1827