A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

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Aerial photograph of 1928 showing the extant of Pryers Yard at the corner of Lower Sea lane and The Street.
A view from 1922 looking across the field towards Pryers Yard with Devonedge(Sunnyside) on the right.


A view looking down The Streetc.1905 with Pryers Yard on the right with its entrance at the junction of Lower Sea Lane.
Pryers Yard in 1900 with the distinctive figurehead by the gate.


Massive Stone Slab, 1 V4 plot size, with plinths supporting massive rectangular stone. Top may have supported a piece of stone lying below which in itself may have been part of a cross.
East Face In loving memory of/GILES DRAPER PRYER/bora Dec.2 nd 1805, died June 13 th 1881/"This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the/Weary to rest and this is the refreshing"./Also of SELENIA WOOD/widow of the above, born at Lyme Regis/April 15 th 1821, died Nov.2 nd 1887./" xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and let perpetual/light shine upon her."
Plinth-East Face Also of EDWIN PRYER youngest/son of the above born Aug 15 th 18(4)6/(died) Salt Lake City, Utah, America Oct (3 rd ) (1887)/and was buried at Bay City, Michigan, U.S./"Make them to be numbered with thy Saints in glory/everlasting."
Loose Stone -possibly from top "In death /we part no more"
Stone-South Face HARRY W.PRYER/died 30 th Sept 1931,/aged 87 yearsV'We meet to part no more". Stone-North Face In memory of/LEAH PRYER,/the beloved wife of/HARRY W.PRYER./Daughter-in-law of/the above, who fell/asleep May 11 th 1917./aged 72 yearsV'Not lost but gone before".
no. Occupier Owner Description Name or Situation
41 Harry William Pryer Harry William Pryer House and Garden Charmouth Street
51 Annie Roddy Harry William Pryer House and Garden North Street 1 Pryers View
52 Dixon Harry William Pryer House and Garden North Street 2 Pryer View
53   Harry William Pryer House, Garden and Stables Charmouth Street
55 Harry William Pryer Hales Trustees Garden Charmouth Street
100 Harry William Pryer Hales Trustees House and Garden Sea View Lower Sea Lane
101b Harry William Pryer Jnr. Hales Trustees    
164 William Lock Harry William Pryer House and Garden Old Lyme Road
165 Robert Cox Harry William Pryer House and Garden Old Lyme Road
166   Harry William Pryer House and Garden Old Lyme Road
A piece of productive meadow land adjoining Lower Sea-road, about two acres extent, was purchased Mr. H. W. PryerCharmouth, for a client. Two freehold slated cottages were s ecu rod by Mr. Walters' solicitor, Ilmiinster, behalf of Mr. A- C  1904

Freeholds  at Charmouth
Considerable local interest was shown in the auction sale of the late Harry W. Pryer's freehold estate, conducted at The Church Hall, Charmouth, last week, by Messrs. W.Palmer & Co. And R.C. Snell. Ltd., of Axminster. A piece of Garden Land, with Stabling. & c., known as " Streets Tenement", having frontage of about 65 feet to the Main Street, was acquired by Mr. C. Stapleforth, of Charmouth, at £370. A building site, with the workshops, at the corner of Lower Sea Lane and the Main Street, realised £270 to Mr. James Bragg of Lyme Regis. The adjacent site, with frontage of about 68 feet, went to Mr. C.E. Lille, of Charmouth at £240, and at £400 Mr. C.J. Stapleforth purchased "Pear Close." About an acre of pasture land, with frontage to Lower Sea Lane. " Stanley house," with its small lawn, was sold to Mr. H.G. Newberry, of Charmouth at £700. Three slated cottages, with gardens, called "Hillcote," at the head of the town realised £460, to Miss L Abson, of Morecombelake. A pair of dwelling houses, known as " May and Swiss Cottages," with the large garden adjoining Mill Lane and the Main Street was withdrawn at £360.
Messrs. William Forward & Sons of Axminster, were the solicitor acting for the trustees. 

In 1862 the Trustees of Lady Spencer’s Estate auctioned the property and the advert of the time makes for interesting reading. It is described as" a pleasantly situated and roomy Freehold dwelling house, formerly called “Streets” with an excellent large garden and orchard thereto belonging, situate opposite Lower Sea Lane, in the fashionable watering place of the village of Charmouth, containing together about 1 acre, now in the occupation of the Executor of Mr. Digory Gordge, as tenant from year to year, at the yearly rent of £17”.
The successful bidders were the Pryer’s who lived nearby at Stanley House and ran a Masons Yard directly opposite on a field known as Pear Close. They were also builders and rebuilt Prospect Place, after a fire in 1862 as well as The Cement Works, which is now The Heritage Centre and other houses in the village. At the bottom of the “Streets” garden where it abutted the ancient north wall they built two houses, which they called Pryer’s Villas, which was later renamed “Lanes End”.
Wedding 1909
Harry Pryer junior and wife, Marie with children
Harry Pussey Pryer
H.W. Pryer Senior and Junior and Grandson.
Pryers Villas at the end of Barr`s Lane in Charmouth