Luttrell House, The Street, Charmouth
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Reginald Pavey`s notes on Luttrell House:
The house east of 'Peria' is now called "Luttrell House" .. I have noticed that John Hodges, a Bournemouth draper, who once owned it, called it "Charmouth House" . This was before George Holly changed the name of "The Fountain" to "Charmouth House". The house was built by the family of John Bragge in 1735. he was a great friend of Norman Bond. His father was rector from 1708 to 1747 and is reported to have had his coffin made from his dining room table, when he died in the middle of the self indulgent eighteenth century. In 1889 it was the property of John Hodges when the window looking down the street was made. About that time Colonel and Mrs. Little lived there until 1891. They had a large family and also boarded boys whose parents were abroad. My father was told the following amusing story by Colonel Little. He was convinced that the house was haunted by a lady in a long silk gown, which he could hear sweeping the ground as she walked but never could see. One boisterous night when the rain was beating against the windows and the wind was howling round the house, the swish of her skirt became unbearable. Colonel Little slipped out of bed and crawled along the floor determined to catch the lady. He could distinctly hear her just ahead and he thrust out his hand, but instead of grasping the silken skirt his hand wont through a large Japanese parasol, which was ornamenting the fireplace and damaged it beyond repair. The lady was never heard again. Colonel Little became blind and went to Painswick, Gloucestershire.
Mr. and Mrs. Hutchingson and family then became tenants and were followed by Mr. and Mrs. Spotiswoode of the publishing firm of Spottiswoode and Eyre. It was a curious coincidence that they came to live opposite J.N.Harrison who was printer to tho royal family.
In 1918 Mr. and Mrs. John West and daughter occupied the house. Mr West had been a constracting engineer in Rochester, Kent and when the footbridge connecting Gear's car park and the east cliff - "built when the course of the river was altered in 1906 - got washed away, the Parish Council asked for tenders to build a bridge to replace it. An estimate of £310 was made by a Bristol firm, but John West considered this excessive and suggested building one with local labour. He, Fred Penny, carpenter, and others set to work and the bridge was built for £193 . 2 . 1, thereby saving the parish over £100. It was officially opened by Mrs. West on 4th.August 1930. All plans and records are in the possession of the Parish Council. John West died in 1954. During their tenancy another bedroom had to be exorcised before it could be used owing to certain alarming manifestations. Again on two occasions dogs refused to go near a certain part of the garden although the owner could neither see or* feel anything out of the ordinary. Luttrell House is no longer a private residence but a small boarding House and cafe. The stables and coach house have been turned into a small and attractive house called "Penderell" .

Abstract from 1754 Poor Rates List for Charmouth showing Mrs Bragge (Martha, wife of Rev. Edward Bragge), Mr. William Bragge and Mr. Nicholas Bragge for Mantles. Mr. William Bragge was the son of Rev. Joseph Bragge (b.1689). Mr. Nicholas Bragge was also son of Joseph (born 1680)
In memory/of the Rev./Mr.EDWARD BRAGGE,M.A./late Rector of this parish./Obt. August 15 1747,aet.70./Also/MARTHA his wife./Obt.March 3,1769,aet.68/Their Sons out of a/Filial Duty and Respect/cause this to be erected/Anno Domini 1769.
Edward married Martha Trayte in 1730 and was to have five surviving sons - John (1735-), William (1737-1785), Lucius (1739-1786), Joseph ( 1731-1807 and Edward (1733-) it was they who erected the fine memorial to both him and his wife in the church. When Edward died he is reported to have had his coffin made from his dining room table which he lved so much.
The fine building at the top of the Street now called Lutrell House was built for Rev. Edward Bragge in 1735 according to the historian, Reginald Pavey, although what we see today was considerably altered at the end of the 19th century with its large bow windows masking the Georgian front.

1783 Map Reference Book

73.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg`s, House & Orchard (£2-10-0d) 0a 1p 14r

74.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Long Close (£1-6-1d) 1a 0p 23r

75.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Common (£1-14-10d) 0a 3p18r

76.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, R.Suptions House (£3-10-0d) 0a 1p 38r

77.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's,

78.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Mr Richard garden Plot (£0-10-0d) 0a 0p 20r

79.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Hurles Croft, east of the Mill, (£3-1-4d) 1a 3p 27r

80.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Thorns House & 2 plots (£2-18-4d) 1a 3p 12r

81.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, House & grounds Mr Webber (£4-0-0d) 1a –0p

89.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, George Webber House & Orchard (£3-0-0d) 0a 0p 33r

112.John Adcock House & Orchard (£6-0-0d) 0a 2p 15r

159. Dwelling & Orchard - Mr. R.Pinney (£5-0-0d) 1r 39p

1785 Land Tax showing:
Bragges Lands - Bragge and Webber - 7s7d
Pinneys - John Bragge - 5s0d
Adcocks - Lucius Bragge - 3s3d.

John Bragge was born in 1735 to Rev. Edward Bragge and Martha Bragge. William John Bragge died in 1839
1795 Land Tax showing
John Bragge- Lands- Self - Rev Clack- 8s81/2d.
John Bragge - Adcocks- Rev.Mr.Wilson Esq.-3s8d.
John Bragge - Late Webbers - William Juson - 3s1d.
John Bragge - Self Late Pinneys - Self - 5s8d
John Bragge - Drewe - Common - 3s8d
1798 Land Tax showing
John Bragge- Lands- Self - Rev Clack- 8s81/2d.
John Bragge - Adcocks- Mr. Drake.-3s8d.
John Bragge - Self Late Pinneys - Self - 5s8d
John Bragge - Late Webbers - William Juson - 2s1d.
John Bragge - Drewe - Common - 3s8d

1802 Land Tax showing
James Love - Part of Farrs - Self- 3s8d
John Bragge- Lands- Self - Others - 8s 81/2d.
John Bragge - Late Adcock- Channing Esq.-3s8d.
John Bragge - Self Late Pinneys - Self - 5s8d
John Bragge - Late Webbers - William Juson - 2s1d.
John Bragge - Drewe - Common - 3s8d

1803 Land Tax showing
Major Channing for late Loves - Self - 3s8d
John Bragge- Lands- Self - Austs - 8s 81/2d.
John Bragge - Late Adcock- Mr.Drewe -3s8d.
John Bragge - Self Late Pinneys - 5s8d
Major Channon for late Webbers - Self - 2s1d.

1806 land Tax
John Bragge died in 1807 left his estate to William Bragge.
Floor Grave.Moving East - Beneath this stone/lieth the body of/WILLIAM BRAGGE and WILLIAM BRAGGE son of William/Also his wife MARY BRAGGE who died in 1838. William died in 1825 his wife was Mary and his son William John Bragge died in 1839.John Channon Lee is one of the two trustees for Hester Mary Bragge, wife of William Bragge who died in 1838

1815 Land Tax showing Major Channing - Self - Loves - 3s8d
Major Channon for Self - House - 3s8d
Major Channon for late Webbers - Self - 2s1d.
William Bragge - Self &Hart - Pinneys - 5s8d
William Bragge - Self - Drewes -3s8d.
William Bragge- Self - Austs - 1s0d

This is the last Will and testament of Mr. Joseph Chaning of Charmouth in the County of Dorset Esquire, late Major with the Bengal Establishment. First I desire that I may be buried in Charmouth Church yard that my funeral may be mounted in a decent manner without any pomp and that a neat tomb may be erected over my grave which I desire may be erected and made on a direct line with the grave of the late Mr. Good. Also I give and devise unto the Reverend Brian Combe of Charmouth aforesaid Clerk and James Templer of Bridport in the said County, Gentleman. 
That messuage or dwelling house wherein I now live with the outhouses curtilage garden and appurtenances thereto belonging which I ... purchased of Mr. John Bragge for a long term of years absolute and also all that my other messuage or dwelling house with the curtilage, garden thereto belonging lying west of and adjoining to the said messuage or dwelling house wherein I now live which sometime since purchased in fee simple of James Love and also my close of meadow with the appurtenances containing about one acre lying within and being parcel of the Manor of Charmouth of which I hold by Copy of Court Roll of the said Manor for two lives. 

This advert from June 1817 decsribes the forthcoming auction of Major Channing`s House - "Luttrell House". It would seem that he also owned the adjoining House, which is now called "Peria" which was let to Captain Ferris. .
The 1817 Poor Rates show Major Channing and Captain Ferris in Luttrell House and Peria as described above.
The 1818 Poor Rates have Rev. Hodges paying exactly the same ammount as Major Channing the previous year. Captain Ferris has bought the house he previoulsy rented.
1830 Poor Rates showing Reverend Hodges paying 2 shillings Poor Rates.
In Memory of/The Revd. THOMAS HODGES, M.A/of Trinity College Cambridge,/Sometime Curate in charge of this Parish of Charmouth;/who died April 18th 1847 aged 64 years/Also of MARIA, his wife,/who died May 27th 1871,aged 77 years/This tablet was erected by the only surviving child/MARIANNE, widow of THOMAS BENNET EDWARDS,/late Vicar of St. Stephen's by Saltash, Cornwall/in grateful memory of most kind and loving parents/Requiescant in Pace/ +Jenkins, Torquay.
Rev. Joseph Hodges Will where he leaves Luttrell House to his wife, Maria in 1846
Luttrell House today
No. 10 Downing Street wass built in 1735, the same year as Luttrell House and has a very similar doorway, which helps to confirm the date Reginald Pavey plaved on it, no doubt from seeing the original deeds, which have long since disappeared.
Luttrell House 1906

Luttrell House 1880
Early photograph showing porch on ground floor, upper floor must have been added much later.
Luttrell House 1900
View of Luttrell House and Peria with Hazards shop in 1900
View of Luttrell House and Peria with Hazards shop no longer there but new house buiult along side it in 1980
Luttrell House 1900
Luttrell House 1970
61 Albury House William JUSON William JUSON House & Garden - - 2 3
62 Luttrell House Rev.Thomas HODGES Rev. Thomas HODGES House & Garden - - 2 19
63 Peria Hannah CHURCHILL Thomas DRAYTON House & Garden - - - 13
Aerial Photo
Miss Maria Churchill running a Ladies Boarding School in 184o and 1844 Directory from Peria.
1861 Census
Mrs Hodges owner in 1862. In 1889 John Hodges of Bournemouth, draper, purchased Albury House from Andrew Tucker. He also owned Lutrell House and built the window of that house looking down the Street over the Cottage garden just prior to 1889. 
1871 Census
1881 Census
1889 property of John Hodges.
1891 Census shows John Caruthers Little living with his family at Luttrell House. His son Robert was born in Charmouth in 1887.
Lieutenat Colonel John Caruthers Little was born in 1843 in Boston, Lincolnshire. He married Maria Jemima Johnston in 1876 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. They had six children in 13 years. He died on 11 August 1926 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, at the age of 83.
In 1862 Andrew Tucker was in possession of a cottage rebuilt the Stables in 1863, where Mrs Hodges was owner of Luttrell House and Mr. Harrison on 3 Hillside. 
The bay windows were added by H..W. Pryer at the turn of the 19th century
In 1889 John Hodges of Bournemouth bought the Cottage next door he also owned Albury House
1901 Census describes Walter Francis Rees (1854-1936) as a School Tutor aged 46 and his wife Mary, aged 35. Previous Census show that he had a M.A. from Christchurch College Oxford and was born in Cowbridge, Glamorgan. He was married to Mary Gwendoline Naden. They had two sons born in Charmouth in 1901 and 1903. But their third son was born in Cornwall asthey had moved by then.
1911 Census
In/loving memory of/EDMUND CLEEVES PALMER/who departed this life/at Wainfleet, Lincolnshire;/3rd January, 1881/aged 59 years. +Sanders Euston, London.
The Memory/ANNE PALMER/daughter of the late/Capt. JOHN PALMER R.N./who died October 4 th 1878/aged 74 years.
1903 Walter Francis Rees - Luttrell House