~ Charmouth Land Tax~
Charmouth Land Tax 1780
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Mrs Durston for the several Estates £10-18-10d
The Rev. M. Combes for Streets £1-14-5d
The Rev. M. Combes for Mabals 2-10d
The Rev. M. Combes for Charity Lands 2-10d
Mr Adney 2-10d
Mrs Aust for late Grays £1-19-8d
Mrs Aust for Edwards 2s10d
Mr Richard Knight £4-17-10d
Mr William Druce £4-3-8d
Thomas Wyndham Esq. £2-11-11d
Mr John Puddicombe £2-3-4d
Mr Knight for Charmouth Meads £2-0-5d
Mr Benjamin Bradford £1-8-9d
Mr. Thomas Rickard, Excise Officer £8-0-0d
Mr Joseph Wallis, Customs Officer £8-0-0d
Mr Rickard for his house 1-5d
Mr John Randall £1-10-3d
Mr John Randall for late Kitts 2-10d
Mrs Oke £1-0-2d
Mr Bidwell 17s-3d
Mrs Coade 12-11d
The Meeting House & Lands 10-0d
Mr Edward Farr £1-3-0d
Mr Nicholas Bragge 6-5d
Mrs Newbury 7-10d
Mr John Young 10-0d
Mr Thomas Hodder for Mr Wibbs 5-8d
Mr Richard Pinney 4-3d
Mr Thomas Edwards 5-8d
Mrs Edwards 4-3d
Mr Robert Sumption 2-10d
Mr John Adcock 2-10d
Jether Cook 2-10d
Mr Henry Norman 2-10d
Mr William Huddison 2-1d
Mr George Webber 1-5d
Mr William Oliver for Mr Oulards 1-5d
Total: £57-09-0d
William Combe & Robert Halson  
Assesors and Collectors