A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

(24) Hyde
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A little nearer to the church is a flat stone denoting the, buriel place of John Ridges, who died in 1823 aged 6 years.His grand daughter, Mary Ridges Hyde married Colonel Albert Francois Target, an officer in Napoleon` s army in Warsaw, whose daughter was born in a wagon during the retreat from Moscow. His uncle was Guy Jean Baptiste Target, counsel for King Louis XII and Queen Marie Antoinette in the matter of the necklace scandal. Pie ended up under Napoleon as one of the draftsmen of the Code Napoleon, This makes the second link with the Queen's necklace that Charmouth has had. There is one more tomb of local interest.
Photo of miss hides cottage before it was pulls down she owned Grasmere, Wistaria and cottage below since pulled down.