A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

(21)Hodges- Family
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As you enter the churchyard by the bottom gate, you will see on the right the tomb of John Hodges, which has lately been re-lettered. The Lectern in the church was given in his memory by his sons, Charles, the eldest, left the village £1000 in his will to purchase, the playing field, and £500 the interest of which to be given to the poor of Charmouth. This is the only Charity of which the rector and churchwardens are trustees. Charles died in 1932.
Alfred hodges born in 1894 left charmouth in 1916 for Canada - where he became a successful grocer. And bought a great deal of land. He returned to Charmouth for the first time I. June 1960. He remembered the school being sent out to see the 1st car ever seen in Charmouyh. ( A wagon without horses). It stuck on the hill and the boys helped to push it up and were each given a 1d. His father was gardener at Catherston and they lived on Cottage on Axminster Road next to Hope. His Uncle Henry was Gardener at The. Mount. His brother Sidney also went to Canada. Visited Charmouth June 9th 1965. Worked after leaving school at Butcher,Marsh's shop


There are a number of Gravestones to the Hodges in Charmouth Cemetery which was opened in 1888.
There is no plan of the Cemetery but those shown below are recorded rows from west to east and in each row from north to south, indicating where the Mortuary Chapel and pathway are located.
no.8 Headstone( surmounted by a cross) and kerb. " In loving memory of Mary Louise Hodges/ who died March 27th 1928/ aged 75 years/ Also of George/ her beloved husband/ who died February 7th 1934/ aged 90 years/ Also of their eldest son/ Alfred George/ Died April 28th 1951/ and of Hannah Julia, his wife/ died July 2nd 1948. 
no. 11 A Cross and kerb" in loving memory of Arthur Hodges,D.S.M. / late P.O. R.N. / at test September 20th 1926/ aged 52 years.
Row 3
no.25 kerb ( no date, c1928 " to the memory of our dear father and mother, William and Anna Hodges". 
Row 11
A quarter of the way along this row is the mortuary chapel, the row continuing south of it, where it is closest to the pathway on its west side.
(Here is the mortuary chapel)
no.207 A Headstone ( once surmounted by a cross now lying on the ground) and kerb. " Sacred to the memory of Francis Drew Hodges/ late Lieutenant, 86th Regiment / who died July 20th 1891/ aged 55/ also / in loving memory of / Catherine/ widow of the above, who died/ at Parkstome, January 24th 1906/ aged 70 years.
no.215 A Headstone. " In loving memory of / James Hodges/ who died September 18th 1893/ aged 85 years / also of Susan Main Hodges/ wife of the above, who died March 6th 1901, age 79 years / and of their beloved daughter/ Frances/ who died January 26th 1890".
no.216 A Headstone. " In loving memory of Henry Hodges/ who died June 18th 1891/ aged 73 / Also of Charlotte/ wife of the above/ who died August 17th 1899/ aged 71 / and of John / 5th son of the above/ who fell asleep May 15th 1873/ aged 14 years / and was in interred in Charmouth Churchyard/ Also in loving memory of / Robert Henry Hodges/ grandson of the above/ who died September 6th 1903/ aged 2 months".

Roll of Honour,
Sea Forces,
Arthur Hodges
Land Forces.
Edwin Hodges,Alfred Hodges, Percy Hodges.

By the first pillar on the North Aisle a lectern with eagle to support Bible. Round the base: -
To the greater glory of God/and in loving memory of our parents/given by CHARLES HODGES,1930.

Beech House

Extract from the deeds of Albury House (The Cottage) which was owned by John Hodges from 1889.

In 1862 Andrew Tucker was in possession of a cottage rebuilt the Stables in 1863, where Mrs Hodges was owner of Luttrell House and Mr. Harrison on 3 Hillside.
The land on which the Stables were built was leasehold and the rest where the dwelling house was freehold. ( 1862 deeds).
1889 John Hodges of Bournemouth, draper, purchased property from Andrew Tucker. He also owned Lutrell House and built the window of that house looking down the Street over the Cottage garden just prior to 1889.
In 1863 the Stables and Coach House were rebuilt by William Hoare and Samuel Dunn, then owned by Andrew Tucker.
In 1889 John Hodges sold to Winthrop Mackew Praed, Hnery Allen Bathursy and Edmund Roger Mainwaring White

Joseph Hodges Will
John Hodges Will
George Hodges Will
Alfred Hodges Will
Abstract from Charles Hodges Will
Hannah Hodges Will
Charles Hodges 90th Birthday