Grange House built by Peter and Leah Clapcott in the 18th Century.
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Mrs Lily Bugler with 4 of her 5 Children in 1908 in the doorway of Grange House
The House where the Clapcotts lived is now called "Grange" and the area of garden surrounding it has a number of houses.
Large Table Tomb.
North Side This Tomb is erected to the memory of/PETER CLAPCOTT/who departed this life the 22 day of June 1813/aged 84 years. East Side No Inscription.
South Side (In) memory of LEAH the wife of PETER CLAPCOTT/who died January xx xxxx/aged xx. West Side No Inscription.

Samuel Bartlett Jerrard (1787-1847), husband of Polly, daughter of Peter and Leah Clapcott

Grange House can be seen on the left in this photograph from 1888
George Bugler lived at Grange House at the bottom of the Street with his six children, and is here shown with his workmen and friends with his traction engine at work in the neighbouring fields of Charmouth. He kept the engine behind The Grange where the old Fire Station is now. The engine would have been a familiar sight with a man in front carrying a red flag. If you look carefully you will see Samuel Hansford`s wife and three of their children on the left. Reg. Pavey supplied a key to who is shown from left to right as follows:Joan Hansford, Mrs. Hansford, Mabel Hansford, Barnard Hansford, Nurse Rose, W.Parsons, David Hansford, George Bugler, Simeon Powell, Simeon Rowe.
Francis and Mable Bugler in the garden of Grange House in 1912.
Area behind the House, which was originally a garden, now has a number of houses built on it.
The acre of land in Lower Sea Lane now has a lane of houses built along it.
Marriage License for Peter Clapcott and Leah Goring in 1769
Elizabeth baptised at Bridport to Peter & Leah Clapcott in 1773
Will of William, (father of Peter Clapcott) who died in Bridport in 1761
Grange House was placed up for sale in 1834 by Mr. Garrard

[Vol 3 p35] (1685)  Dated 27 November  Collins 519/151
Clapcott v Roberts
Sarah Clapcott of Winterborne Steepleton spinster, daughter of Sarah Clapcott of the same widow, who owned lands & at fee simple in Winterborne Steepleton & Winterborne Abbas, sues her sisters & their husbands in connection with her share of her mother's estate. The mother's will dated 1682 is copied in full & mentions the following relations of testatrix viz : her daughters Sarah, Alice, Barbara, Ann, Mary Roberts & Honour Ellesdon of Lyme; her grandchildren Sarah Roberts of Winterborne Abbas & Henry & William  Ellesdon of Lyme.

Honour CLAPCOTT, d. Between 4 Nov 1724 and 20 Aug 1725. Married, Est 1680. Some Chancery Court docs (not yet seen) refer to John Ellesdon and his wife Honour, and the dates are appropriate for this John and his wife. A widow Honour of Lydd left a will (1725), mentioning sons Thomas and Anthony ..
C 8/112/83

Short title: Hallett v Ellesdon.

Plaintiffs: Hugh Hallett.

Defendants: Anthony Ellesdon.

Subject: money, Dorset.

Document type: bill and plea

Date: 1652
C 8/506/5

Short title: Clapcott v Roberts.

Plaintiffs: Sarah Clapcott.

Defendants: Robert Roberts and Mary Roberts his wife, Hannah Clapcott, Barbara Clapcott, Alice Clapcott, John Ellesdon and Honor Ellesdon his wife.

Subject: personal estate of Sarah Clapcott, Steepleton, Dorset.

Document type: answer only.


Date: 1685