1911 Directory for Charmouth

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In 1651 Charles II when endeavour­ing to escape to France, narrowly escaped arrest here. The place is much frequented by visitors from its peculiar advantages, the mildness of the climate and the purity of the seawater. The church of St. Andrew, erected on the ancient site in 1836, is a building of flint and stone, consisting of clerestoried nave of five bays with an eastern recess, aisles, north porch and a western tower containing a clock and 3 bells: the east window and six others are stained, and include several memorials to the Breton family: there are some interest­ing mural monuments, removed from the old church: the fine marble font was given by the Misses Stuart in 1886: the pulpit of Caen stone with Irish marble shafts was presented in 1885 in memory of Capt. Bullen B.N. and his wife : the church will seat nearly 300 per­sons. The register dates from the year 1654. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £162 , inclusive of 4 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of A. W. Walter esq. K.O. of The Temple, and held since 1900 by the Rev. Spencer Edward Simms M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford. The rectory house is on the south side through the churchyard. The Congregational chapel was founded in 1662, rebuilt in 1815 and restored in 1866. The Cemetery, situated on the Axminster road, comprises 2 roods 33 poles, and is under the control of the Parish Council. The charities include John Marker's, of about £26 annually, which is distributed in blankets and coals; Salter's, of Cattleborrow, of about £12 yearly, given away in money; John Bullen's. of about £3 10s . and Mary Ann Bullen's, of about £12 yearly which is distributed in bread. The almshouses are for the benefit of the poor of the parish. A house here, originally the Queen's Arms Inn, afforded rest and concealment to Charles II after the battle of Worcester; this house is also celebrated as being the place where the late Dean Alford went to school, as mentioned in the history of his life by the Rev. Stopford Brooke. A shelter house was erected in 1897 on a piece of land close to the beach. The principal hotel is the Coach and Horses. The chief landowners are Alfred Douglas Pass esq. of Wootton Fitzpajne, who is Lord of the Manor. John Hawkshaw Esq. Mrs. Schalch. Col John B.S, Bullen of Catherston, and the Hales trustees.

The soil is light sandy loam; subsoil, sand. The chief crops are barley and oats; the area is 442 acres of land and 3 of water foreshore; rateable value, £3,328; the population in 1901 was 560. Sexton, John William Thomas Simmons.

Post, M.0. & T. & Telephonic Express Delivery Office (letters should have Dorset added). —William Holly, postmaster. Dispatch of letters: Box closes for Lon­don & North of England, Scotland & Ireland at 8.30 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 & 7 p.m.; for West of England, South Wales &c. at 6.30 p.m. & Channel Islands at 7 p.m. only; & for Lyme (only) 8 p.m. Delivery from all parts 6.45 a.m. ; London &c. day mail, 3 p.m. Money orders are issued & paid from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Open for telegraph business from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays & 8.30 to 10 a.m. on Sundays

Wall Letter Boxes.—Askew house, cleared at 8.45 a.m. & 6 & 6.45 p.m. week days; Sundays, 6.15 p.m.; & Mill, 7.30 a.m. & 6 p.m


Assistant Overseer & Clerk to the Parish Council,

John William Thomas Simmons Assessor of Taxes for Charmouth, Lyme Begis & Colway,

Charles H. Denziloe. Hawk Church Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator 5th & Charmonth

Districts. Bridport Union, Alfred Ernest Barratt-Hine M.E.C.S.Eng., L.B.C.P.Lond., D.P.H.Lond

Elementary School (mixed), built in 1871, & enlarged in 1881, at a cost of £350 for 140 children; average attendance, 116; Henry L. Jones, master

Railway.—South Western receiving house for goods & parcels, Sidney Boucher

Conveyance.—An omnibus leaves the `Coach & Horses,' Charmouth, at 9 a.m. for Axminster station to meet the 10.18 a.m. up train & the 10.31 a.m. down train, returning from Axminster after the arrival of 3.27 p.m. down train

Omnibus (Warren) starting from Lyme Regis leaves the 'Coach & Horses' at 10.50 a.m. for Bridport, returning at 5 p.m


Barratt-Hine Alfred Ernest, Askew House

Barrow Alfred, Mintaka

Belcher William Robert, Grasmere

Bridgman Jsph. Balston, Beauregard

Burden Miss, Blinkbonny

Mrs. Duncan,Duncraig

Elliot, Henry 3 Hillside

Harrison Cecil. Hill view

Harrison H. W. Little Hurst

Hazard Mrs. Peria

Innes Major Hubert M.D.Lond., I.M.S. Omega cottage

Innis Chnrles Alexander, Lvnwood

Irwin Edwin Frederick, Langmoor

Kennedy Rev. John. M.A., J.P. Fernhill

Knott Mrs. Melbourne house

Lamb Miss, The Retreat

Leathes Mrs. Stone house

Niblett Frederic. The Mount

Nunn Ernest, Manor house

Ogle Rev. Joseph (Cong.), The Manse

Reid Mrs, Charmouth house

Salisbury Mrs. Gresham house

Schalch James Hugh Gordon.TheCourt

Schalch Mrs. V. H. The Court

Simms Rev. Spencer Edward M.A. The Rectory

Spottiswoode Adrian, Luttrell house

Symes William, Alberta cottage

Watson Mrs. Sycamore cottage

White Mrs. The Cottage

Whittington Mrs. The Limes


Early closing day, Thursday.

Barratt-Hine Alfred Ernest M.R.C.S. Eng., L. R. C.P.Lond. D.P.H.Lond. surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator 5th & Charmouth dis­tricts, Bridport union, Askew House

Boucher Sidney, Coach & Horse Hotel

Brookes William, farmer, Backlands Farm

Burge A. M. & Son, grocers

Burridge Robert, apartments,Axminster Road

Childs Alfred, blacksmith, Waterloo House,

Clarke Frank, apartments, Spring Cottage

Coles Francis, confectioner,Sunnyside Charmouth Street

Copp Sarah (Mrs.), draper

Davis Cecil Robert, cycle agent, Charmouth Street

Dimond George, coal merchant, Charmouth Street

Durrant Reuben, farmer, Foxley farm, Bruton House

Edwards Jane (Mrs.) & Walter Charles, farmers. Wood farm

Edwards Robert. Geo. Farmer, Lilly farm

Farrant Albert, cycle agent, Mill View Terrace,

French John, George inn

Gear James, fish dealer, Old Lyme Road

Gillingham John, farm bailiff to Colonel J. B. S. Bullen, Manor house

Gollop Ernest, mason, Old Lyme Road

Gordge Martha (Miss), laundress, Charmouth Street

Hann Albert Brandram, mason, Axminster Road

Hawker James, wheelwright, Lower Sea Lane

Hitchcock Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer

Hodder John, contractor, Rose Cottage,Charmouth Street

Holly William, Apartments. & Postmaster, Post Office, Charmouth Street

Hunter Thomas, fisherman, Lower Sea Lane

Hunter Wilfred, bathing machine proprieter, Stow House,Charmouth Street

Hunter William, apartments, 2 Hill View

Hutchings Frederick James, shoe maker Charmouth Street

Lane John, beer retailer, The Star Inn,Charmouth Street

Larcombe Henry, boot maker, Charmouth Street

Lock Isaac, apartments, Charmouth Street

Love Samuel, painter, Axminster Road

Lugg Henry, boot & shoemaker, Axminster Road

March Frederick William, grocer, Charmouth Street

Marsh Frederick Charles, butcher, Winton House,Charmouth Street

Morgan Robert, insurance agent, Lower Sea Lane

Penny Frederick. George, Carpenter, The Lilac, Charmouth Street

Perrott & Sons, grocers

Pryer Harry William Monumental Masons, Stanley House,Charmouth Street

Simmons John William Thomas, as­sistant overseer & clerk to the Parish Council, The Retreat

Smith Henry, apartments, Higher Sea Lane

Stamp Henry, painter, Axminster Road

Tarr Elizabeth (Miss). Fancy repository, Portland House, Charmouth Street

Toms John, apartments, Firlands

Wild Henry, New Commercial Hotel, Charmouth Street

Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. Limited (agency), attendance from Lyme Regis on Monday Thursday 10.30 to 12.30; draw on Williams Deacons Bank Limited, London E,C.