1859 Poll of Electors in Charmouth
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Frean, Georce. flour miller
Frean. John Hinder, flour miller
Swan, Thomas, Esquire
Builen, Charles, Captain R.N.
Miller. Lawrence, yeoman
Hoare, William, carpenter
Powell,William. Newton, Captain R.N.
Wild, John, innkeeper
Moore, William, yeoman
Hunter, Robert, fisherman
Bugg, Robert, gardener
Dean, William Bezley, baker
Gordge, Thomas, painter
Wild, Robert, tailor
Norman. William, yeoman
Potter, William, shoemaker
Norris, Henry Edwirds, surgeon
Hodges, John, butcher
Travers, Walter
Payne, George, innkeeper
Dunn, John, shopkeeper
Gosney, John, innkeeper
Cook, James, stonemason
Chillcott, Edward, miller
Cousins, John, baker
Bottomley, Jonas, draper
Vallins, William, gentleman
Smith, Frederick, dissenting minister
Clarence, George, commercial traveller
Stembridge, Job, dissenting minister
Brenton. Edward, the Rev.The rector
Tucker. Andrew, solicitor
Board, Daniel, schoolmaster
Hodges. Joseph, innkeeper
Symes. Joseph, surgeon
Norris, Henry Esquire
Gordge, Diggory, parish clerk
Simpson, Benjamin, Lieut., R.N.
Saunders, George, Esquire
Smith. Edward, Star Inn
Coles, John, shopkeeper
Crabb. George, shopkeeper
Pryer. G. Draper, stonemason
Fry, Thomas, yeoman
Love, James, butcher
Forward, Samuel, Capt. R.N, bedridden.
Harrison, James, Esquire, bedridden.
Holly, George, Coach and Horses Inn.
Lugg, Joseph, stonemason.
Lamb, Edward, shopkeeper.
Liddon. Matthew John, Lieut. R.N.
Powell, Charles, yeoman.
Moore, John, gardener—died on the morning of the poll