1855 Directory for Charmouth

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CHAKMOtrTH, a village and parish in the Bridport division, and Whitchurch Hundred and Axminster Union, 2 miles east from Lyme Regis, and 6 west from Bridport, contained, in 1851, 664 inhabitants, and 433 acres. The village takes its name from its position at the mouth of the river Char, and is situated on the sea-coast, in a healthy and well-sheltered spot, at the base of a steep hill, and is chiefly supported by parties who frequent it in the sea­bathing season. The living is a rectory, value £150. The incumbent is the Rev. Edward Britten, A.M. The church a.m. ; dispatched at 7 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Dorchester is a handsome modern building, capable of accommodating 400 persons. There is a neat Independent chapel, well endowed ; also a chapel fur Wesleyans; a National school, and an Independent school. This is supposed to have been the Canca .A.rista, or Carixa, of the Romans. In 833 and 840 battles were fought here with the Danes. George Frean, Esq., is lord of the manor. CATHERSTON is half a mile north; 8TONEBARROW is on the other side of the Char. Britton Rev. Edward, M.A.. Vicarage Tucker Andrew, esq Lane James,farmer Bullen Lieut. Charle~, R.N vVallactl George, esq Love Jamei!, butcher Clyde 1\Irs TRADERS. . Lugg James,mason Cookney 1\Irs Atkins Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper Lugg John, shoemaker Forward Samuel, esq Barnes William, farmer Moore William, cowkeeper Freeman Mrs Bradford William, baker Mullens Robert, dairyman Goddard the M issei Carter John, builder, grocer & post- N orris Henry Edmund, surgeon Gonion Thomas, esq master Potter Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper Griffirhs Mrs Chilcott George William, miller Potter William, boot & shoe maker Henning Miss Sophia Coles John, baker & confectiorrer Powe)l Charles, farmer Hughes Mrs Cook James Reuben, stonemason Pryer Giles, builder &c Kennaway Mrs Crabb George, shoemaker Purchase Giles, shopkeeper Kennaway l\Irs. Robert Dark Wiliiam, shoemaker Raddon Caroline (Miss), straw bonnet Liddon Miss Dean Reuben, shopkeeper maker Lurllam Mrs. Elizabeth Diment Caroline (Mrs.), beer retailer Roberhl William, gardener Mallack Mrs Dunn John, grocer&. mason Sansom Benj. Georgecommercial inn N orris Henry Edmund, esq Falstone Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper Smith Edward, beer retailer Poulson the Mis!;es Frost John, bootmaker Smith Henry, baker · Prior Mrs Fry Thomas, farmer Travers Waiter, farmer Richard son Captain, I.L.C Gordge Digery, parish clerk ~ Treasure Benjamin, grocer & draper Robin~ .Miss, Sea house Goruge Thomas, painter & glazier Tucker Andrew, solicitor, commissioner Simpson Lieut. Benjamin Hoare William, carpenter in all the law courts, advocate in the Smith Rev. Frederick [Independent Hodge Joseph, grocer & beer retailer Bridport & Axminster county courts, minister] Hodges John, butcher & agent to the Sun fire & life iusur- Smirh Mrs. George Hodge~ John, lodging house ance company Smith Mri". John Holly George, Coach ~ Horses com- Watts Lydia (Mr~.), shopkeeper Smith Mrs. William mercial inn~ posting hoUie Well man James, watch &. clock maker Symes Mrs. Bullen Holman John, blacksmith & jeweller Syme3 Joseph, esq. the Cottage Hunt F. (Mrs.), lodging house keeper Wild Charles, tailor &c Templer Mrs Hunter Jno. fossiler, &. pleasure boat Wild John, beer retailer Tucker Rev. Andrew, M:.A. Be11air owner Wild Robert, tailor & draper house [rector of Wooton Fitzpain] Lamb Edward, draper&. grocer Woouton William, carpenter PosT OFFICE.-John Carter, postmaster. London mail I & Western mail arrives l past 8 a.m. dispatched 4 p.m. arrives 19 min. to 7; dispatched 41 minutes to 7. Taunton Money orders are granted & paid al this office National School, Daniel Board, master 1 Independent School, Mrs. Cousins, mistress
ATKINS Mary (Mrs) Shopkeeper
BARNES William Farmer
BOARD Daniel Master
BRADFORD William Baker
BRITTON Rev. Edward M.A.
BULLEN Lieut. Charles  
CARTER John Builder, grocer & postmaster
CHILCOTT George William Miller
COLES John Baker & confectioner
COOKNEY James Reuben Stonemason
COUSINS Mrs Mistress
CRABB George Shoemaker
DARK William Shoemaker
DEAN Reuben Shopkeeper
DIMENT Caroline (Mrs) Beer Retailer
DONN John Grocer & mason
FALSTONE Sarah (Mrs) Shopkeeper
FORWARD Samuel, esq  
FROST John Bootmaker
FRY Thomas, esq Farmer
GODDARD The Misses  
GORDGE Digery Parish Clerk
GORDGE Thomas Painter & glazier
GORDON Thomas, esq  
HENNING Miss Sophia  
HOARE William Carpenter
HODGE Joseph Grocer & beer retailer
HODGES John Butcher
HODGES John Lodging house
HOLLY George Commercial inn & posting house
HOLMAN John blacksmith
HUNT F. (Mrs) Lodging house keeper
HUNTER Jno. Fossiler & pleasure boat owner
Independent School    
KENNAWAY Mrs. Robert  
LAMB Edward Draper & grocer
LANE James Farmer
LOVE James Butcher
LUDLAM Mrs. Elizabeth  
LUGG James Mason
LUGG John Shoemaker
MOORE William Cowkeeper
MULLENS Robert Dairyman
National School    
NORRIS Henry Edmund, esq  
NORRIS Henry Edmund Surgeon
POTTER Elizabeth (Mrs) Shopkeeper
POTTER William Boot & shoemaker
POULSON The Misses  
POWELL Charles Farmer
PRYER Giles Builder etc
PURCHASE Giles Shopkeeper
RADDON Caroline (Miss) Straw bonnett maker
ROBERTS William Gardener
ROBIN Miss,   
SANSOM Benj. Commercial Inn
SIMPSON Lieu. Benjamin  
SMITH Rev. Frederick  
SMITH Mrs. George  
SMITH Mrs. John  
SMITH Mrs. William  
SMITH Edward Beer Retailer
SMITH Henry Baker
SYMES Mrs Bullen  
SYMES Joseph, esq  
TRAVERS Walter Farmer
TREASURE Benjamin Grocer & draper
TUCKER Rev. Andrew M.A.
TUCKER Andrew, esq  
TUCKER Andrew, esq Solicitor, commissioner in all the law courts, advocate in the Bridport & Axminster County Courts, & agent to the Sun fire & life insurance company.
WALLACE George, esq  
WATTS Lydia (Mrs) Shopkeeper
WELLMAN James Watch & clock maker & jeweller
WILD Charles Tailor etc
WILD John Beer Retailer
WILD Robert Tailor & draper
WOONTON William Carpenter