Sale of the Manor of Charmouth 1853
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Particulars & Conditions of sale of a freehold Estate Comprising the Manor of Charmouth also a Comfortable Residence distinguished as Langmoor House,together with meadows, Arable & Woodland approaching 100 acres, for sale by Auction by Auction Mart, Bartholomew lane on Thursday 18 th August 1853  
Particulars of a truly Valuable & singularly Compact Freehold Estate comprising the Manor of Charmouth, with the rights, Royalties, Fines Etc, Also a Comfortable Residence distinguished as Langmoor House, containing accomadation for a respectable family, productive garden, Coach House, stabling approached by a carriage drive through Park like land beautifully timbered, on the high road leading from Bridport to Axminster, together with several enclosures of Meadows, Arable & wood land approaching 100 acres a portion of which is bounded by the Sea Shore, on which, and in the cliffs, are found an abundance of Cement & Blue Lias Stone, Pyrite and other minerals. The right of collecting the same appertains to this manor from which a rental may be obtained, also the right of fishing in the River Char. Which will be sold by Auction, by Messrs H. Brown & T.A. Roberts at the Auction Mart,opposite the Bank of England on Thursday 18 th August 1853 at 12 o clock in one lot. The Premises may be viewed on Application to Matthew John Liddon Esq. RN Charmouth of whom particulars with a plan may be had.  
This compact & truly Valuable Estate offers the most Important & substantial recommendation to the Capatialist as it embraces some of the most Valuable and Fertile land in the County of Dorset, of which possession may be a considerable portion, together with the residence at Michaelmas next. The Timber also for the Eastern part, eshews an ornamental portion round the House,young and thriving, among other advantages it offers are an important oppurtunity to any Gentleman desirious of possession in political influence, being attached to the Borough of Lyme Regis, of which it forms a considerable portion, but in a commercial point of view the advantages desirable from the Mineral Production in the manufacture of Roman Cement and Blue Lias Lime, are not to be excelled.  
The Estate is all Freehold and the poor and other rates very low, is situate in that truly Picturesque valley of Charmouth, about 2 miles from Lymed Regis and 5 from Axminster. Comprises a Comfortable Family residence, approached by a carriage Drive through park with Lane adjoining High Road leading from Bridport to Exeter, supplied with excellent Springs of water and contains 4 principle bed chambers, a dressing Room, 2 Seravants Sleeping Rooms, Drawing, Dining & Breakfast Room, Entrance Hall, Kitchen, Skullery, Dairy and other Domestic offices, Coach House & Stabling. Productive Garden and Orchards together with various pieces of Arable, Pasture and Woodlands comprising in the whole 97 acres, 2 roods ( be this the same a little more or less) Many portions of which present desirable sites for building, commanding the most picturesque views over a vast extent of country and the English Channel, within easy approach to the South W and G.W railways by coaches passing and repassing daily.The manor of Charmouth extends over 500 acres, including the whole of the village. Among the many other advantages is an ancient grant from the Crown to take toll on all stone, sand, seaweed and other productions removed from an extensive range of the Seashore between High and Low Water mark, which with the abundantly supply of Blue Lias and Cement Stones, Pyrites and other Mineral and Fossil Productions in the Cliffs and on the Beach, from which Charmouth is so justly celebrated, with the great facilities of water carriage. A large annual income may be realised, and also fines, fees, Quit Rents, and other advantages attached to the Manor.  
Nos. 114-133 were late in the occupation of Mrs Austin at the nominal rent of £50 a year of which possession may be had at Michaelmas next. no.114 Late Mrs Austin Pond 36 perches  
no.115 Late Mrs Austin Lawn 4 acres, 1 roiod 27 perches  
no.116 Late Mrs Austin Orchard 2 rood 6 perches  
no.117 Late Mrs Austin Langmoor Yard & Garden 1 acre 14 perches  
nos, 180-175 by John Hodges
no 94 by John Diment  
no147 by William Case  
nos.214 & 37 by William Fooks  
no.108 by Charles Clarke
no 210 by Mary Atkins  
no. 213 by James Trum  
no. 153 by Thomas Gordon Esq  
£50 per annum has been offered for the privilege of collecting the Blue Lias & Cement Stone on the Beach only, a very much larger Rental may be had if permissions be extended to dig into the Cliffs, also for collecting the Pyrites, Minerals and Fossils.  
Conditions of sale
No.10 That as under a will proved in 1792, this property is charged with an annuity of £20 payable to a gentleman ( W.W.W. Warden) now aged 86 years, the vendors shall not be required to procure a release or other discharge of the premises from the annuity, but the same shall be returned on a House, garden and Field, called Guppy`s Tenement containing 1 acre, 17 perches, in the occupation of M.J. Liddon Esq and James Hodges, situate in Charmouth, of the annual rent of £30 or otherwise, for the purchaser shall accept the joint & several covenants of the vendors for his indeminity against the said annuity, at the option of the vendors, and it shall noit be required of the vedors to obtain any conveyance or reconveyance of any trustess or trusteee in respect of any trust created more than 40 years the date hereof  
No.11 That no other Evidence of the Execution of a certain conveyance upon trust for sale and power of attourney dated 2 nd May 1851, by Lady Spencer shall be .. the vendors than that which appears in the deed, being the covenant residing at Albany, King George`s Sound, Western Australia, and another witness.

No. Tenant Name Description Acres Rods Perches
1   Garden Garden - - 24
2   Plantation Plantation - - 12
37 William Fooks          
64   House & Garden - - - 10
94 John Diment Guppy’s Tenement - - - 16
108 Charles Clarke Burrows Close Meadow - 2 34
114 Mrs Austin Pond in Lawn Water - - 36
115 Mrs Austin Lawn Meadow 4 1 27
116 Mrs Austin Orchard Orchard - 2 6
117 Mrs Austin House, Yard & Garden - 1 - 14
118 Mrs Austin Thomas Plot Meadow 1 - 10
119 Mrs Austin Little Mead Meadow 1 - 15
120 Mrs Austin Batch Mead Meadow 1 2 39
121 Mrs Austin Favis Pasture 3 2 37
122 Mrs Austin Batch Pasture 3 2 8
123 Mrs Austin Langmoor Plot Pasture 1 - 20
129 Mrs Austin Little Coppice Wood - 3 -
130 Mrs Austin Long Strap Arable 1 3 -
131 Mrs Austin Braggs Coppice Wood 2 - 8
132 Mrs Austin Langmoor Coppice Wood 2 1 9
133 Mrs Austin Langmoor Coppice Wood 1 3 26
139   Cliff - - 3 8
140   Rhode Horn Pasture 3 - 27
147 John Case Guppy’s Tenement - - - 8
148   Guppy’s Tenement Meadow - 3 16
149   House & Garden - - 1 1
153 Thomas Gordon          
162   The Drang Meadow 3 - 32
163   Middle Mead Meadow 3 3 14
164   Ten Acres Arable 6 2 26
165   Oat Close Arable 3 - 32
166   Cleave Mead Arable 3 1 24
168   Green Close & Rhode Horn - 10 1 3
169   Undercliff - 13 1 27
170   Higher Rough Jessy Close Pasture 1 2 28
171   Part Lower Rough Jessy Close Pasture 1 3 29
172   Lower Rough Jessy Close Pasture 2 3 1
173   Jessy Close Pasture 2 1 23
175 John Hodges Hammonds Mead Arable 2 3 26
178 John Hodges Single Common Meadow 1 - -
179 John Hodges Single Common Meadow 1 - 11
180 John Hodges Single Common Meadow 1 - 13
181   Double Common Meadow 2 - 26
210 Mary Atkins House & Garden - - 3 11
213 Thomas Trum House & Garden - - - 25
214 William Fooks House, Garden & Thorns Croft Meadow 1 2 26
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