1828 Jury List for Charmouth

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The Return of Church wardens and Overseers of the parish of Charmouth in the Hundred of Whitchurch Cannonicorum of men qualified to serve on Juries
BASTON, John, (Butcher)
BOND, Henry, (Farmer)
BOYLE, Michael Walford, (Gent),
BURNARD, William, (Manufacturer)
COUSENS, James, (Farmer)
COUSENS, Joseph (Shop Keeper)
CULVERWELL, Samuel Coad, (Gent)
DIMENT, Benjamin, (Blacksmith)
EDWARDS, William, (Butcher)
FOSS, William, (Inn Keeper
GALPIN, Thomas Carter, (Artists)
GOODLAND, Henry, (Gardener
HAWKINS, Richard, (Gent)
HIGGINSON, Charles, (Gent)
LOCK, Mathew, (Carapenter)
LOVE, Benjamin, (Butcher),
LOVE, John, (Butcher)
LOVE, William, (Butcher)
LUGG, Joseph, (Mason)
MAUR, Herbert, (Farmer
MILLS, Robert, (Innkeeper)
MORRIS, Henry Gage, (Esquire Capt RN)
POWELL, James, (Butcher)
SMITH, Edward, (Miller)
WILMENT, Thomas, (Farmer)
WILSON, Josiah, (Gent)
WOONTON, Edward (Gardener)