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Details of the Manor of Charmouth in 1783 from a Map, the original was in the hands of Mr Puddicombe of Branscombe, who at one time owned Wood Farm
From a book in the possession of Mr Wilkinson and bound in Vellum with the word CHARMOUTH on the Cover opposite the title page in very much faded words : the original is in the hands of Mr. Puddicombe of Branscombe.
Index to the map of Charmouth Manor and Newlands Farm in the Parish of Whitchurch Canonicorum in the County of Dorset.The property of Francis Phipps Henvill Esq. By James Upjohn of Shaftesbury 1783
A true copy of the original as examined by us on the 5 th day of September 1813 signed W.Comins, R.George Tuckett, clerks to… of Honiton
Unfortunately this map has been lost.
The inventory, besides the names & quantities of the fields, records also the value per acre, value per annum, number of trees and values of trees. These have been omitted in making this copy and only totals recorded.


1. Mansion House, Garden – (value per annum - £8) 3 r, 26 p

2.Home Meadow ( £7 –14-0d) 6 a 26p

3.Berry Moor (£4-0-5d) 3 a 35p

4.Little Grange (18s10d) 3r 1p

5.Higher Grange ( £6-0-7d) 4a 3r 12p

6.Grange Orchard (£1-15-9d) 3r 23p

7.Little Park ( £3-19-3d) 3a 1r 32p

8.Dry Mead ( £5-12-9d) 4a 2r 2p

9.Great Park (£9-1-1d) 9a 0r 9p

10.Pit Close ( £4-19-7d) 3a 3r 2p

11.Square Close (£4-16-5d) 4a 24p

12.Rhododendron Close (£1-13-0d) 1a 2r 12p

13.Furz Hill ( £1-13-0d) 2a 0r 30p

14.Green Close ( £0-7-1d) 1a 1r 28p

15.Cleeves Mead (£2-19-8d) 2a 3r 15p

16.Oat Close (£3-2-8d) 2a 3r 38p

17.Higher Rough Common(£1-14-8d) 4a 2r 20p

18.Ten Acres (£6-8-1d) 6a 0r 16p

19. Lower Rough Close (£1-14-8d) 4a 2r 20p

20.Middle Mead (£4-3-1d) 3a 2r 10p

21.Drang Close & Drang (£3-4-5d) 2a 2r 13p

22.Jessee Close (£4-9-4d) 3a 3r 22p

23.Hammetts Mead (£3-14-6d) 3a 0r 39p

24.The Cliff (£2-11-7d) 19a 0r 32p

25.Thomas`s Orchard (£0-17-3d) 0a 1r 29p

26.Thomas`s Plot (£1-11-6d) 1a 0r 8p


This farm lies principally in Whitchurch

27. Newlands,House, Barton & Orchard (£3) 1a 0r 11p

28. Newlands, Barn Close (£4-9-2d) 3a 3r 11p

29. Newlands, Lower Meadow (£3-12-11d) 2a 3r 27p

30. Newlands, Higher Meadow (£9-9-9d) 7a 3r 25p

31. Newlands, Pit Close (£2-18-4d) 2a 1r 14p

32.Newlands, Calf Pan Close (£6-3s-10d) 5a 1r 22p

33.Newlands, Three cornered Plot (£3-4-4d) 2a 3r 8p

34.Newlands, Lower Horse Close (£3-14-3d) 3a 0r 37p

35.Newlands, Horse Close (£4-17-7d) 4a 2r 24p

36.Newlands, Horse Close (£5-7-0d) 5a 0r 21p

37.Newlands, Marsh (£2-11-9d) 6a 1r 36p

38.Newlands, Five Oaks (£11-8-10d) 10a 3r 24p

39.Newlands, Little Five Oaks (£0-11-9d) 0a 3r 10p

40.Newlands, Little Scrow Plot (£0-15-5d) 0a 2r 24p

41.Newlands, Waste in Lane (£0-3s-5d) 0a 2r 24p

42.Newlands, Scrow Plot (£4-4-4d) 3a 2r 17p

43.Newlands, Ten Acres (£8-0-7d) 6a 3r 38p

44.Newlands, Stoney Close (£5-8-0d) 5a 0r 23p

45.Newlands, Little marsh (£0-8s-3d) 1a 2r 24p

46.Newlands, Coppice Close (£2-14-9d) 2a 2r 38p

47.Newlands, Coppice (£2-7-7d) 4a 3r 2p

48.Newlands, The Hill (£8-12-3d) 21a 2r 5p

49.Newlands, Newlands Orchard (£0-11-3d) 0a 1r 5p

50.Newlands, Keech`s Orchard (£2-0-9d) 0a 3r 2p

51.Newlands, Holcombe Paynes (£11-17-7d) 5a 1r 5p

52.Newlands, Hammetts Mead (£4-11-5d) 3a 3r 19p

53.Newlands, Higher Close (£2-9-6d) 2a 3r 0p

54.Newlands, Cliff (£0-12-7d) 5a 0r 0p

55.Newlands, Double Common (£3-3-4d) 2a 1r 2p


56.Langmoor, James Cousins, Thomas`s Plot (£1-1-1d) 1a 1r 1p

57.Langmoor, James Cousins, Little Mead ( £1-1-7d) 1a 0r 1p

58.Langmoor, James Cousins, Batch (£1-14-11d) 3a 0r 0p

59.Langmoor, James Cousins, Batch Meadow (£1-5-4d) 1a 1r 0p

60.Langmoor, James Cousins, Lower Close (£2-15-9d) 2a 3r 0p

61.Langmoor, James Cousins, Langmoor Coppice (£0-10-10d) 1a 1 r 0p

62.Langmoor, James Cousins, Rhodehorn (£0-16-5d) 0a 3r 26p

63.Langmoor, James Cousins, Rodehorn Cliff (£0-9-0d) 4a 2r 2p

64.Langmoor, James Cousins, Burrows Plot(£0-14-9d) 0a 2r 23p

65.Langmoor, James Cousins, Double Common (£3-0-2d) 2a 0r 1p

66.Langmoor, James Cousins, Single Common (£1-11-7d) 1a 0r 6p

67.Langmoor, James Cousins, Single Common ( £1-12-4d) 1a 0p 18r

68.Langmoor, James Cousins, William Channan House & Grounds (£3) 0a 3p 26r

69.Langmoor, James Cousins, Edwards Close (£2-12-10d) 1a 2p 9r

70.Langmoor, James Cousins, Westleys & Bragges Common (£3-0-6d) 2a 0p 2r

71.Langmoor, James Cousins, house & Orchard Goring (£3-10-0d) 0a 3p15r

72.Langmoor, James Cousins, Single Common Goring (£1-10-6d) 1 a 0p 3 r

73.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg`s, House & Orchard (£2-10-0d) 0a 1p 14r

74.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Long Close (£1-6-1d) 1a 0p 23r

75.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Common (£1-14-10d) 0a 3p18r

76.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, R.Suptions House (£3-10-0d) 0a 1p 38r

77.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's,

78.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Mr Richard garden Plot (£0-10-0d) 0a 0p 20r

79.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Hurles Croft, east of the Mill, (£3-1-4d) 1a 3p 27r

80.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, Thorns House & 2 plots (£2-18-4d) 1a 3p 12r

81.Leasehold for Lives, Mr Bragg's, House & grounds Mr Webbie (£4-0-0d) 1a –0p13r

82.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Jethro Cook`s House & Orchard (£4-0-0d) 0a 3p 24r

83.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Edward Farr, late Burrows (£3-0-0d) 0a 1p 16r

84.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, John Goring House & gardens (£3-10-0d) 0a 1p 26r

85.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Margaret Edwards House & Orchard (£3-10-0d) 0a 1p 29r

86.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Robert Webb House & Orchard (£3-10-0d) 0a 1p 25r

87.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Henry Norman House & Orchard ( £3-10-0d) 0a 1p 24r

88.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Rev. B. Coombe, Late Mables (£3-0-0d) 0a 1p 6r

89.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, George Webber House & Orchard (£3-0-0d) 0a 0p 33r

90.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, William Hudd House & Orchard (£2-10-0d) 0a 2p 28r

91.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Thomas Edwards House & Orchard (£3-0-0d) 0a 2p 28r

92.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, Francis Oke George Inn (£10-0-0d) 0a 2p 12r

93.Freehold & Long Leaseholds, William Hansford`s House & Orchard (£4-10-0d) 0a 2p 13r

Long Leaseholds

94.Edward Farr, House & Orchard, late Burrows (£4-0-0d) 0a 3p 15r

95.Francis Oke, Langmoor Orchard (£6-17-6d) 2a 3p 32r

96.Mr Robert Webb House & Garden , formerly Parsons (£2-0-0d) 0a 1p 16r

97.Mr Robert Webb , Parsons Mead (£2-7-6d) 1a 1p 0r

98.Mr Robert Webb, Parsons Common, (£2-7-0d) 1a 1p 13r

99.Mrs Mary Aust, House & Orchard (£3-0-0d) 0a 1p 35r

100.Mrs Mary Aust, Late Grey`s House & Orchard (£6-0-0d) 0a 1p 36r

101.Mrs Mary Aust , Lambs Mead (£2-14-2d) 1a 2p 31r

102.Mrs Mary Aust, House & Orchard by the Mill (£2-10-0d) 0a 2p 38r

103 Mrs Mary Aust, House & Orchard opposite the Fountain Inn Garden(£2-10-0d),0d) 0a 2p 26r

104.Batch Close, (£1-14-10d) 1a 0p 24r

105.Three Cornered Common (Higher) (£1-4-1d) 1a 0p 24r

106.Three Cornered Common (Lower) (£2-10-0d) 2a 1p 22r

107.Two Plots at Lngmoor (£2-10-0d) 5a 1 p 11r

108.Lower Common (£1-7-6d) 0a 3p 27r

109.Higher Common (£1-11-8d) 1a 0p 9r

110.James Cousins Grange House (£2-0-0d) 0a 0p 12r

111.Folletts House & Garden (£2-0-0d) 0a 0p 23r

112.John Adcock House & Orchard (£6-0-0d) 0a 2p 15r

113.Three Stone Mead (£6-15-6d) 5a 3r 23p

114.Middle Mead (£5-14-1d) 4a 3r 34p

115.Nethey Wood (£6-6-0d) 5a 1r 37p

116.Single Common (£1-10-9d) 1a 4 p

Woods Farm - Mr John Puddicombe

117. Five acres (£4-3-17d) 4a 17r 1p

118. Pitt Close (£2-13-4d) 2a 2r 27p

119. Four Acres (£4-1-7d) 3a 3r 14p

120 New Meadow (£3-4-2d) 3a 17p

121 House & Orchard (£8-13-5d)3a 1r 38p

122. Home Mead (£2-15-0d) 2a 28p

123. Higher Mead (£2-5-5d) 1a 3r 36p

124. Drang Close (£5-16-3d) 5a 2r 6p

125. Higher Moor (£3-10-6d) 3a 2r 4p

126. Great Moor (£4-2-1d) 4a 17p

127 Middle Moor (£2-10-0d) 2a 2 r

128. Lower Moor (£1-17-3d) 1a 3r 18p

129. Coppice (8-4d) 3r 14p

130 Mr. Coombe. Garden in Sea Side Lane


131. George Cook in Lyme Lane (5s) 24p

132. John Davey in Lyme Lane (10s) 12p

133. Poor House at the Index (10s) 4p

134. William Lock in Rocket Lane (10s) 16p


Sir John Poole

135. Mill, House & garden (£5-0-0d) 1r 10p

136. Home Close (£1-2-10d) 3r 2p

137. Mill Hams (£3-3-3d) 1a 3r 32p

138. Mill Meadow (£5-13-11d) 3a 2r 13p

139. Westley`s Close (£4-9-6d) 3a 2r 13p

140. Charmouth Meadow (£6-10-5d) 4a 1r 16p

141. Middle Meadow (£5-1-7d) 3a 1r 22p

142. Moor (£6-3-0d) 4a 16p

143. Higher Marsh (£5-6-3d) 3a 2r 7p

144. Lower Marsh (£12-5-0d) 8a 29p

145. A Common (£1-15-7d) 1a 30p

146. Langmoor Wood (7s-10d) 3r 30p


147. Mr. John Randall House & Orchard(£12-0-0d) 3r 21p

148. Mr. John Randall Long Mead (£8-16-0d) 5a 2r

149. Mr. John Randall 3 Cornered Close ( £4-9-0d) 2a 3r 38p

150. Mr. John Randall 3 Acres (£3 5s 8d) 2a 3r 3p

151. Mr. John Randall 5 Acres (£4-9-0d) 3a 3r 26p

152. Mr. John Randall Coppice (8-4d) 1r 24p


153. Burgage Orchard ( Mr. Francis Oke) (£2-10-0d) 3r 24p

154. Franks Orchard Do. by Farm House (£1-10-0d) 1r 8p

155. Nathaniel Orchard House & garden (1-0-0d) 11p

156. Charity House - North Side ( £1-0-0d) 22p

157. Charity House - South Side ( £1-0-0d) 10p

158. Charity Common (£1-11-10d) 1a 10p

159. Dwelling & Orchard - Mr. R.Pinney (£5-0-0d) 1r 39p

160. Plot- Langmoor (10-6d) 1a 9p

161. Coppice - Langmoor (16-9d) 2a 16p

162. (77) Minsons Common - Mrs Durston (£2-1-6d) 1a 1r 27p

Mr. Benjamin Bradford

162. House & Orchard (£6-0-0d) 2r 8p

163. Duck`s Mead (£3-3-9d) 2a 20p

164. Bottom Mead (£5-16-4d) 2a 3r 1p

165. Orchard Close (£4-15-3d) 3a 17p

166. Foxley Orchard ( £3-16-6d) 1a 1r 4p

167. Stoney Close (£4-17-7d) 3a 3r 25p

168. Great Foxley (£3-6-4d) 3a 26p

169. Little Mead (£2-17-9d) 2a 1r 10p

170. Little Foxley ( £1-14-10d) 1a 2r 26p


171 Mr Bidwell, The Fountain Inn, House Garden, etc (£12-0-0d) 1r 13p

172 Mr. Bidwell, Fountain Mead, (£5 -0-3d) 3a 1r 15p

173. Mrs Cooke, House & Orchard (£8-0-0d) 3r 2p

174. A Common (£1-8-2d) 3r 26p

175 Stile Mead (£3-13-1d) 2a 3r 38p

176. Croft by Langmoor (£1-19-7d) 1a 3r 22p

177. Robin Webb Smith Shop (£1-10-0d) 21p


178. Church & Yard (11s-5d) 1r 21p

179. House & Orchard (£2-10s-0d) 2r

180. Higher Field (£2-4-1d) 1a 1r 17p

181. Lower Field (£4-5s-1d) 2a 2r 19p

182. Mrs Hannah Newberry House & Garden (£2-0-0d) 24p

183. Mrs Hannah Newberry Church Yard Mead (£3-11-10d) 2a 34p

184. Meeting House & Orchard (£2-10-0d) 3r 2p

185. Meeting House Common (£1-15-5d) 1 a 29p

185A. Meeting House Coppice at langmoor (7s 6d) 3r 30p

Lilly Farm

William Drew Esq.

186.Little Moor (£2-15-1d) 2a 39p

187. Cow Leaze (£8-17-8d) 7a 2r 36p

188. House & Orchards (£3-0-0d) 1a 3r 39p

189. Spring Close (£3-17-9d) 3a 18p

190. Alms House Meadow (£8-8-7d) 7a 1r 13p

191. Lilly Mead (£8-18s-7d) 8a 2r 1p

192.Stoney Close (£8-9-0d) 8a 1r 32p

193. Hill Close (£15-8-3d) 15a 1r 26p

194. Little Hill Close (£2-19-1d) 2a 3r 33p


195. Thomas Ric kard Dwelling House

196. Edward Farr, Late Burrows, Lower Langmoor Mead

197. Edward Farr, Late Burrows,Higher Langmoor Mead

198. Edward Farr, Late Burrows,Langmoor Coppice

199.Edward Farr, Late Burrows, Langmoor little Coppice

200.Edward Farr, Late Burrows, Coppice Close

201. Edward Farr, Late Burrows,two pieces on Rhodehorn

202. waste & Beach 27a 1 r 37p

Value of Trees

Farm 279 trees (£62-5-3d)

Newlands 96 trees ( £21-18-6d)

Langmoor 43 trees (£6-14-6d)

375. Farm - 98a 1r 22p

376 Holcombe, Paynes, Yandovers and many other closes and Newlands - 125a 9p

176-7 Langmoor (Cossins) - 16a 2r 8 p

377 Burrows Plot and sundry other meads and commons - 9a.1r 5 p

380 Cottages - 1 r 16p

Total at Rack rent (green) 249 a 2r 20p

377 Copyhold (Goring) (Crimson) 1a 3r 18p

377 leasehold for lives (Blue) - 7a 3r 5 p

377 Freeholds subject to Quit Rents (Red) - 5a 1r 8 p

Long Leasehold subject to quit rent (Grays)

378 Sundry Tenants 41a 1r 29p

379 Woods Farm Mr. Puddicombe 40a 1r 33 p

380 Mr. Coombes Garden (Sea Side Lane) 12 p

.............................................Total: 81 a 3 r 34 p

Freehold (Yellow)

380 Sir John Poole - 35a 3 r 16p

381 Mr John Randall - `16a 1r 32p

382 Sundrys - 7 a 2r 24p

382 Mr B. Bradford - 21a 3r 17p

382 Mr. Bidwell Sundries - 10a 20p

383 Sundry Others - 5a 39p

383 Lilly farm - 57a 2r 37p

384 Sundrys - 10a 20p

Total .............. 165a 1 r 2p

384 Waster and Beach - 27a 1r 37p

385 Glebe - 4 a 3r 17p

Total Ammount ............544a 21 p

References to James Upjohn, mainly at Dorset Family Centre.

James Upjohn born 31 Dec 1732, Shaftesbury, , Dorset, England, d. 28 Jun 1818, Shaftesbury, , Dorset, England   (Age 85 years)  Marriage year 1755 Shaftesbury Spouse's Mary Hatch Residence Shaftesbury,
James Upjohn also produced a map of Chideock. unfortuntaely only the cover for this survives and is in Chideock Museum at the back of the Catholic Church.
Map of Calcutta and its Environs, 1792/ 3 by A. Upjohn

Map of Manor of Owermoigne, farm of Watercombe surveyed by James Upjohn. 1774

A Map of Pilsdon Manor and of the Estate in the Parish of Whitchurch in the County of Dorset The Property of Miss Williamza Janssen Surveyed and Delineated by James Upjohn of Shaston 1775.

Plan of Brick Kiln estate of George Foyle at Shaftesbury St James. Mentioned: Foyles meadow, Little Paddock, Coppice Close, Long Close, Orchard, Brick Yard. Mr Brickell, Mr Cox, Mr Fitz, Mr Needell, Mr Tucker. Surveryor James Upjohn of Shaftesubry. 1779

Map of manor and farm of Hides alias Blackrow, the property of Mr. John Brickle, with survey.
Surveyor: James Upjohn of Shaftesbury. 1779

Index to the map of Charmouth Manor and Newlands Farm in the Parish of Whitchurch Canonicorum in the County of Dorset.The property of Francis Phipps Henvill Esq. By James Upjohn of Shaftesbury 1783

Map of Ashmore manor and farm by James Upjohn of Shaftesbury. Scale 32 perches per inch. Coloured and numbered to refer to an index.Index to map of Ashmore manor and farm by James Upjohnof Shaftesbury. With 19th century additions.. 1786

Turnworth, Dorset. Map of manor by James Upjohn. Plots numbered, but no survey found. Scale: approx. 11 1/2 inches to 1 mile.. 1791

Map of W Coker's estate at [Sixpenny] Handley by Upjohn and Son with ornamental cartouche. Scale: 1 inch: 6 chains, 1:4752. 1795

Detailed map of the whole of the parish of Iwerne Minster shows fields (including state of cultivation), roads, buildings, watercourses and other features, including the parish boundary
All plots are numbered Decorative cartouche Surveyor Upjohn and Son Scale: 1 in to 8 chains (10 ins to 1 mile) Black ink on parchment 1796

Alphabetical list of surnames extracted from the survey of Hampreston Manor, giving names of leasehold and copyhold tenants and Mr Upjohn's valuation. 1800?

Letter and notes about the Hall, Upjohn and Chamberlayne families 1769-1805.

1. James Upjohn, formerly of Shaftesbury, now of St Johns Newfoundland, gent (heir of the late John Hatch, Staymaker, last surviving people of the Church Lands)
2. William Upjohn, formerly of Shaftesbury (brother of I); Charles Bowles; Thomas Dowland; George Thomas; John Therle Deale; all of Shaftesbury, gents
Purpose: to vest new trustees
Property: Holy Trinity Church Lands described above 1809

  • Map of Thorngrove and Langham Farms, the property of G J Kneller, surveyed by William Upjohn.
    Fields numbered with table of reference.
    Scale:1 inch:5 chains 1814

Map of Budden's Plat, with remarks on boundaries. By James Upjohn of Shaftesbury, aged 81.. 1814

Will of James Upjohn 1819. He died aged 96

William Upjohn, a local surveyor, produced a detailed plan of the borough in 1799 for the Earl of Shaftesbury.Map of Shaftesbury, To the Right Honourable Anthony, Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury; Baron Ashley of Winborne St. Giles; Baron Cooper of Powlett in the County of Somerset; Lord of the Manor of Shaftesbury, and Patron of the Churches there, this Plan of the Town, is by Permission humbly dedicated by his obedient Servant Wm. Upjohn”

Cann. Release of closes or parcels of land . (1) William Upjohn of Cann Cottage, land surveyor (2) George Chitty of Cann Rectory (3) William London Atchison of Shaftesubry , glover.. 1830

William Upjohn, born June 10, 1770 in Shaftesbury, England, was a surveyor, land agent, appraiser of timber, and Methodist lay preacher at St. Rumbold's Church in Shaston. In 1796, he married Mary Standard, and from their union would come nine girls and three boys. In the mid 1820s, with England in the midst of an economic depression, William sent two of his sons to American to explore the possibility of moving there. They stayed two years, then one of the sons -- Uriah -- returned to recommend that the family immigrate. Arriving in New York, William and his sons William and Uriah immediately set out to examine farm and mill properties in upper New York State. The family spent the winter of 1830-31 in Hyde Park, then moved to the town of Greenbush near Albany. They eventually settled in Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester.