1714 Sale of Wade`s property by Anthony Ellesdon to Thomas Thorne  

This Indenture made the Ninth day of April 1714 between Anthony Ellesden of Charmouth in the County of Dorset Esq. Of the one part and Thomas Thorne of Hawkchurch in the said County of Dorset, Yeoman of the other part witnesses that the said Anthony Ellesden for and in the consideration of the sum of four score and ten pounds (£90) of lawful money of Great Britain to him in hand paid by the said Thomas Thorne before the sealing & delivery of those present the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged Hath demised granted and to favour letten and by those present doth demise grant and to favour lot unto said Thomas Thorne all that Tenement commonly called or known by the name of Wade`s tenement containing one messuage with a garden and orchard and meadow in Mill Lane and one piece of ground called Woolmingtons Close lying in Lyme Lane , one orchard and garden belonging to a tenement called Davy`s Tenement and one close of meadow in Mill Lane which said premises are all situate lying and being in the said parish of Charmouth late in the possession of one Job Wade and now in the possession of the said Anthony Ellesdon to have and to hold all and singular the said premises unto the said Thomas Thorne his Executors, Administrators and Assigns from and after the 25 th March last past unto the end and term and .. If Joane Thorne, now wife of the said Thomas, Joane Thorne and Mary Thorne, his two daughters or any or either of them shall happen to live yielding and paying therefore yearly during the said term unto the said Anthony Ellesden , his heirs ands assigns the sum of six shillings of lawful British money at two of the most usual feast days and paying two fat pullets or 18 pence of lawful money yearly Anthony Ellesdon