Forde Abbey Dissolved in 1539

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Abbot Charde, succeeded in 1521 and applied his substantial learning and imagination to a comprehensive restructuring of the fabric of the building. However, his work was interrupted in 1539 by the dissolution of the larger monasteries. With thirteen of his monks he surrendered Forde Abbey to the Kings Commissioners on March 8th 1539. Its revenues at that time being £373 10s 6d, with Charmouth showing an income of £21 - about a fourteenth of the Abbey`s income.Thomas Charde was to become vicar of nearby Thornecombe until his death four years later.
In 1539 the Abbey and certain lands was leased by the King to Richard Pollard for the sum of £49. 6s. 6d. But by the following year he had bought them outright for just £400. The Forde`s lands were largely dispersed including Charmouth which was eventually to be bought by Sir William Petre, who had headed the Kings Commisioners in earlier years.