1525 - Lay Subsidy for Charmouth

There is some evidence of 16th century prosperity; the building of a new church circa 1503 (presumably on the old site) may possibly indicate a population increase and the Lay Subsidy of 1525, with 23 taxpayers may suggest a total population of around 200 [Da we, n.d.]. Leland in 1540, called C.harmouth "a good fisher town" [Itin., 245] and Dugdale [V, 376-84] noted of Charmouth's value:
Free tenants worth 10s. 4d. p.a.
Customary tenants worth £20 10s. lid. p.a.
Monkynwell, one tenant worth £1 6s. 8d. (the mill?)
Newland worth £6 0s. 0d. p.a.
This Dorset roll consists of an individual assessment and certificate of assessment for the second collection of the subsidy granted to Henry VIII 21 May 1523. The commissioners, William Hodys, John Strode and Gyles Samways, were responsible for Whitchurch, Eggerton, Godderthorn, Beaminster, and Beaminster Foreign and Redhone hundreds, Powerstock and Broadwindsor manors, Halstock Liberty, and Bridport and Lyme Regis boroughs. The certificate is dated and endorsed with a date of return to the Exchequer. The date of return to the Exchequer reads 3 May 16 Henry VIII (1524)
Transcript from Lay Subsidy Roll for 1525 (E179/103) in Public Record Office detailed below:

Lymbry John 8
Cornewall John 2
Payne Wiliam 10
Lymbry Thomas 10
Sprake John 2
Agan Thomas 20
Guppy William 3
Toukes Alys 6
Lymbry John Sen. 10
Lymbry Flowre 2
Webber John 2
Bessall Thomas 8
Lymbry John 2
Webber Steven 2
Webber William 3
Tybbe Raffe 5
Lymbry William 2
Dare William 5
Danyell Harry 3
Millward Ric 20
Best William 40
Woodcock John 4
Hyll John 1
  Sum 3-4-6d