The Abbot pays homage to John Beauchamp in 1341
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The ceremony of liomage was one of the symbols of feudal tenure, the non-observance of which risked the forfeiture of the estate. Even religious houses were not exempt from it, and it is recorded that the Abbot of Forde appeared in person at Stoke, September 17th, 1341 and did homage and fealty to John Beauchamp (III) for the manors of Strete and Charmouth, which he held under him. As the arms of Beauchamp appear on the conventual seal of the Abbey, it may be assumed that the house was bound by the more pleasant ties of gratitude for some grant or favour, perhaps for confirming the gift of part of Charmouth, which Richard del Estre, a sub-tenant of Beauchamp, had bestowed on the Abbey.