16-17 St Margaret's Hill
Deeds- earliest 1840 executors of Edward Luxford, builder. Rates 1 st February 1692 between Z. Shrapnell 1st part and George Lowell other part goes on to describe land of 105 feet on the north side ranged from westside of 16 !7 to the Orchard Wall thereof of said Z. Shrapnell (term of 1000 years)… whereas by indenture of lease 5th May 1697 Z. Shrapnell 1st part and Richard Gardener other part All that new erected Messuage, tenemant 35 feet in length and 201/2 feet in breadth situate and being in Bradford adjoining to the Orchard of said Z. Shrapnell on the north- east side thereof to the way enjoyed in common between Z.S. and Richard Gardener and their tenants on the south & near and adjoining to the Tenement of William Wastfield an the south west side , there of and about 27 feet in length on South west Corner of said Tenement(484) & running even there with down towards the said William Wastfield's House there being only a way 6 feet wide to part the same from the ground granted to William Wastfield (489?) (No Where Lane)

8 St Margaret's St (Bindings Electic Shop)
Owner James Batten (son of Isaac deceased) Lease & Release 13th & 14th Feb. 1824 from Rev. Zachariah Shrapnell Warren to Issac Batten & Trustee (Issaac Batten Builder. All that piece or parcel of void ground late the site of 3 messuages or tenements and garden formerly in the occupation of Thomas Brown, Widow Bayly and Issac Gibbs and afterwards of William Holbrook and William Henry (Hanny). Situate and being in St. Margaret's St in Bradford containing about 10 1/2 perches more or less, bounded northerly and by in part eastwards by a messuage cottage and premises belonging to General Shrapnell and in the occupation of William Wrightman & others. Southward and in other part towards east by a messuage, cottage and premises called "The French Horn", belonging to Samuel Provuis and in occupation of John Holby and others and Westward by St Margaret's St. William Hamilton Warren married by license to Elizabeth Shrapnel H.T. 1794, Elizabeth Shrapnell baptised 1757 daughter of Zachariah. & Lydia.
Meddlycott Somerset Wills
Shrapnell An P. St Magdalen. Taunton A 1702 Mgr Noah Gent, Taunton. W d.1740 MON/3/B Monday Collection at S.R.S. Taunton, Parish of St. Magdalen.
1727 Thomas Burgis of Trowbridge, Richard Hawkins, Zachariah Shrapnell, late of Bradford, Clothier, Lease 5 Sept, 1692, for consideration Grant to Edward Deverell of Bradford , Rough Mason all that cottage or dwelling house, wherein he dwelt on land called "the Halfe" and 26 feet of 1/2 in length lands of Richard Gardner…

This Indenture made the thirteenth day of December 1915, between Arthur Edward Scrope Shrapnel
of 18 High Street, Harbone, Birmingham in the county of Warwick, Motor Mechanic of one part and Thomas Andrews of 41 Castle Street, Trowbridge in the County of Wilts. Engineer of the other part Whereas the said Arthur Edward Scrope Shrapnel iss seized of the lands. Messuages, heridiaments and premises described in the Schedule hereto subject to the Lease or respoective leases hereafter mentioned and to he term of years thereby created and is possessed of and otherewise well and sufficiently entitled to the quit or ground rents issuing and payable out of the same lands, messuages , herediaments and premises whereas the said Thomas Andrews is possessed of an otherewise entitled to the messuages, herediaments and premises described in the first part of the schedule for the unexpired residue of the terms of 1,000 years subject to the annual rents od o£1 and £1 10s. Reserved by indentures of lease dated respectively 1st February, 1695 and 5th May, 1697, and of the messuages described in the second part of the said schedule for the unexpired residue of a term of 1,000 years created by the Indenture of a lease dated 22nd October, 1689 ….. And whereas the said Arthur Edward Scrope Shrapnel has agreed with the said Thomas Andrews for the sale to him of the reversion of the said Lands, Messuages, Hereidiaments and premises and of the said rents issuing thereto of the price or sum of £30
Schedule referred to First Part