A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

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Sacred/to the memory of/THOMAS SHUTE,Esq/whose remains are deposited in an/enclosed burying ground on the south side of the tower/He died February 8th 1814 in the 68th year/of his age/Also/of FRANCIS SHUTE, his widow./buried in an adjoining grave/She died April 29th 1824/in the 75th year/of her age.

Large Flat Top double Tomb with railings removed.
Several lines illegible/FRA(NCES) (SHUTE)/died April 29 1821/in the 23 year.



Fernhill deeds 1753 sold by Jacob Burrow, blacksmith to Samuel Burrow, blacksmith for £60 all that piece of ground for,early enclosed by Edaard Mabel. Of about 3 acres converted into an orchard lying at Langmoor and adjoining lands formerly of John Burridge, esq. lately purchased by Jacon Burrow with other lands of Thomas Rose,esq( possibly Hillside) whourchased with other lands from Elizabeth Mabel. And Thomasin Mabell, spinsters and daughters of Edward Mabell, who was brother of John Mabell deceased.
On 1760 for £400 Samuel Burrow sold to Walter Oke of Axmouth, gentleman all that piece of ground mentioned above and also that other orchard commonly burgess or acre of ground formerly in Tenure of George Coins alsy that Tenement called Manns Tenement consisting of a dwelling house, two gardens , an orchard. Two fields of Meadow and one field of pasture for the residue of 2000 which commenced 27th April 1573 and also that Tenement or Inn called the Georhe Inn with the Curtlage, garden orchard and backside for the residue of 1000 years which commenced 25th March 1703.Also all that messuage known by the name of the Rose and Crown with the curtelage, garn and orchard for the residue of another term of  years which commenced on 29th November 1725 and also that other messuage wherein Samuel Burrow now lives for he residue of 1900 years which commenced 10thApril 1599
6 Pieces of land were sold by Samuel Burrow to Walter Oke for £400

Pedigree of Walter Oke died 1763, married Frances Ismarch, died 1806
Son Walter and daughter Frances married Thomas Shute.

Ten. or burgage with garden in N. pt. of town between ten. of Jn. Wadham on W. and ten. of Honor Stodder alias Borcombe on E. The premises, late in ten. of Wm. Cooke, were in 1561 quitclaimed by Jn. Tye of Plymtree, Devon, and Anna his wife, to Wm. Stodder alias Borcombe of Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset and conveyed by Stodder to Thos. Bull of Norton, Somerset. [The premises may be those described in 29 below.]

Messuage, burgage, tenement, or dwellinghouse on North side of the great street, called the Rose and Crown. The premises were conveyed by the Rev. Nathaniel Bull of Studland, Dorset, to Edward Lymbury, senior, of   Charmouth , in 1629, and by him conveyed to Richard Talbot of Broadmayne, Dorset (whose daughter Joan married Francis, son of Richard Talbot) in 1639. Joseph Hassard of Charmouth   conveyed them to Judith Miller of the same in 1649, and she conveyed them to Francis Hodder, junior, of Wootton Fitzpaine, in 1644, in consideration of the intended marriage of her daughter Judith Miller and the said Hodder. By 1753 the premises were held by Samuel Burrow of   Charmouth , who conveyed them, inter alia, to Walter Oke of Pinney, Axmouth, Devon, as further security for a mortgage. Deeds of 1753 and 1756 refer also to a messuage and tenement, orchard, etc. (1a), on North side of street; orchard (3a) at Langmoore; messuage or dwellinghouse with garden and orchard in East Eipe (1a), parcel of a tenement called Brown's Tenement; several [named] closes (9a); orchard commonly reputed a burgage or acre of ground; and the George Inn. Bundle includes probate of will of William Lymbry of   Charmouth , yeoman , dated and proved 1674; administration of estate of James Parsons of   Charmouth , 1737; bond for payment of ?200 and interest by Barbara Smith of Blandford St Mary to Walter Oke of South Petherton, et al, 1769.DD\AL/29 1629-1769 CHARMOUTH, co. DORSET deeds


DD/AL 29/8   
1753 assignment of 2 dwelling houses and several closes of ground in Charmouth or remainder of 2000 years for securing £320 and interest. Samuel Borrow to Nicholas Warren Esq, in trust for Walter Oke.   
Between Walter Oke of Pinney, Axmouth, and John Oke , of Compyne  gentleman , executors of the last will of Walter Oke, the elder of Pinney, their deceased father on the one part and Samuel Burrow of Charmouth , Blacksmith of the other part and Nicholas Warren of Mincombe in the parish of Sidburu in Devon of the third  part. The said Samuel Burrow  rightfully possessed of all that Teneemnet commonly known as Mans Tenemnt, consisting of a dwelling house, an orchard, 2 fields f meadow and one field of pasture in Charmouth late in the possession of Jmaes Parsons of the same place, yeoman, his tenants and now of Samuel Burrows for the residue of a term of 2000 years from 1575. Did mortgage in 1743 into the said Walter Oke, the elder all that said tenement by payment of £200 and interest . Now due £208 , in the consideration of £104 paid to them by the said Nicholas Warren ..All that one piece of ground formerly enclosed by Edward Mabell deceased containing by estimation 3 acres or therabouts and have for severall years been converted into an orchard lying at Langmoore and adjoining the lands formerly of John Burridge , esq.All that orchard commonly reputed a Burgae of one acre ground formerly in the tenure of one George Coming decease, since of William Comins and late of Clement Joyns. All that messuage, Tenement or Inn called or commonly known by the name of the George Inn with all the curtelage ,orchard, etc. All that messuage or dwelling house formerly called or known by the name of the Rose and Crown and the curtelage, backside, garden and orchard to te same belonging. And all thatdwellong house, garden and orchard hereunto belonging containing by estimation one acre or more thereabouts formerly in the possession of Mary Hodded, Widow afterwards of JohnMinsom, since of Ann Monson, his widow , then of Robert Monson and late of Willliam Walter Minwich. Premises are situate in Charmouth aforesaid and are now in the possession of Samual Burrows 
Signed Walter Oke and Sam Burrows. Robert Cheek,Jmaes Trew. Daniel Furfs 
Received of mr Ealter Oke the sum of £107 to be paid not me signed by Samuel Burrow.
This indenture made in 1757 between Jacob Burriw of Charmouth,Blacksmith and Elizabeth, his wife , John Goreing of Charmouth, Innholder and Leah, his wife f the first part. Robert Collins of Lorton within the parish of Hunister in Somerset, Clothier, and Robert Colbert of Charmouth,Gentleman of the second part Samuel Burrow of Charmouth , Blacksmith of the third part and Moses Lee of East Eype , within Symondsbury , Yeoman of the forth part... All that Messuage and Tenement consisting of a dwelling house, stable, Garden and Orchard containing in the whole an acre situate in Charmouth on the north side of the Street there late in the tenure of the said Robert Colbert and one Ralph Gorge as Tenants to the said John Goreing , but now in the possession of him the said Robert Colbert, who hath lately purchased  it fromJohn Goreing. And also that orchard , formerly a pice of Ground enclosed by one Edward Mabell, deceased containing  3 acres lying at Langmore in Charmouth , adjoining to he lands formerly of John Burridge , esq.and now in the possession of Samuel Burrow who lately purchased the same and the freehold from the said Jacob Burrow. And also thatndwellong house withnthengarden and orchard belonging in East Eype containing 1 acre called Browns Tenement  and now in the possession of Moses Lee who lately purchased it from Jacob Burrow. And also those several closes of land, meadows and pasture, that's is one close called Four Acres , three parcels of land containing one acre called Rye Acre, 2 acres of land lying in a field called Nastor filed and a close conating an acre south part of Goosemoors belonging to browns Teneemnet lying in East Eype lately purchased from Jacob Burrows by Robert Collins. Signed Jacob Burrows, Elizabth Burrows, John Porvis, Leah Goreing.
1808 Discharge of legacy in consideration of the sum of £12,323 6s. 4d. paid by Thos. Shute of Charmouth, Dorset, surviving trustee of the will of Thos. Deane (d. 1798) of Bristol, to Jane Helena Shute of Fernhill, I. o. W., Hants., being half the principal and interest of £8000 left by the will of the sd. Thos. Deane to the sd. Jane Shute and her sister, Harriet. DD\AL/41 somerset record office.
This indenture 7th March 1811 between Walter Oke Smith of Axminster in Devon, Gentleman of the one part and Thomas Shute of Charmouth in Dorset Esquire on the other part. Whereas by indenture of lease and release of four parts bearing the date of 25 March made between John Shute, Esq and Richard Toller Gentleman of the first part, John Edye Esq and Frances Mary Elizabeth Walroyd his wife, the said Thomas Shute and Frances his wife, Elizabeth Cleave, Widow, Sarah Smith, Widow and Frances Oke Smith, spinster of the second part, the said Walter Oke Smith of the third part and George Smith, Gentleman of the forth part the closed of meadow and orchard ground with the appurtenances hereinafter described and intended to be hereby released were in consideration of the sum of £435 paid by The said Walter Oke Smith to The said parties. Walter Oke Smith has sold and release to The said Thomas Shute all that