A History of St. Andrew`s Church, Charmouth

(1) Glover
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1827 Poor Rates showing Reverend Glover paying £5 for Rectory and Glebe.
1829 Poor Rates showing Reverend Glover as owning and Rev. Snow renting the Rectory and Glebe.
Cholera out break 30th Auhust 1832
Proposed by Mr Wilson and seconded by Rev. B. Jeanes that a temporary building be erected on the Gkebe or on the spot granted by Rev. mr. snow, on behalf if Rev. mr Glovee for the interment of Cholera patients. That the building be if wood,10feet by 12 feet, 2 feet from the ground 8 feet high. To be thatched,weatherboarded, 2 windows to side, a common fireplace, brick chimney, to be whitewashed inside and tarred outside.
1809 Ordi(Subscription on ordination)   priest
1809 Ordi(ordination)   deacon
1818 Appt(Licensing) Bedminster lecturer or preacher
1818 Appt(Licensing) Bedminster Lecturer
1820 Appt(Licensing) Bedminster Curate
1826 Appt(Institution) Charmouth Rector
1833 Vac(resignation) Charmouth Rector
1833 Appt(Resignation) Charmouth Rector
1834 Appt(Licensing) St. Pauls Bedminster Stipendiary Curate
1834 Appt(Licensing) St. Pauls Bedminster Curate