1783 Land Tax
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Mr Francis Henvill Charmouth Farm John Bowditch £7-1 -6d
Mr Henvill Mabals Samuel Paul 11 -5d
Mr Henvill Thorns Samuel Paul & Thomas Rickard 10-Od
Mr Henvill Hametts James Love 8-7d
Mr Henvill Hurlscroft Thomas Rickard 8-7d
Mr Henvill Thomas's John Bowditch & James Cousins 7-2d
Mr Henvill Westley's Robert Sumption & William Channon 7-2d
Mr Henvill Edwards Robert Sumption 7-2d
Mr Henvill Balson's James Love 4-3d
Mr Henvill Bragges Robert Sumption 4-1 Od
Mr Henvill Burrows Edward Farr 4-1 Od
Mr William Durston Minsons Mr Thomas Rickard 4-1 Od